The Maze Runner Movie Review

So, I went and saw The Maze Runner with my best friend, Danielle, my mom, and her best friend, Heather. My mom says it was super scary (for her). Me and Danielle, however, thought it was BEYOND AMAZING. Now I have been told that the movie was a whole lot better than the book. I was told that the book was awful with little character development. I am going to read the book (though the when has not been determined) to see what my take on it is. I may/may not do a book review as well as a review on how the movie compares with the book.  I haven’t decided yet.

Anyway, the movie was action packed, and the actors were great! I especially love that Dylan O’Brien played Thomas. He is such a talented actor (and not too bad to look at either..), and I feel like he did well on it.


Now, the creatures called Grievers are in the Maze. They are grotesque, spider-like creatures (from my perspective) that are made of metal. They’re monsters that are assigned a certain section of the Maze, but only at night. The Runners know what is in there and try to find a way out every day for the other Gladers (the boys stuck within the Glade, which is the grassy clearing outside the gray walls of the Maze), but always come up empty. This is because of one thing.

Every single night the Maze changes to a different section (1-8).

Now, more onto the movie aspect, weird things begin happening when Thomas first arrives. I can’t really explain it well, so I am going to give you a few quotes from Wikipedia. “While Thomas is gathering supplies in the woods, he is viciously attacked by Ben, a Runner, who has been stung by a Griever – deadly monsters that lurk in the maze. The Gladers force Ben into the Maze to die. Minho, a runner, and Alby attempt to retrace Ben’s steps in the maze, but Alby is stung and rendered unconscious. Minho appears at dusk, dragging Alby, but is unable to reach the entrance in time. Seeing this, Thomas runs into the maze. Minho and Thomas survive the night, with Thomas successfully killing a Griever, and they return the next day with Alby to the astonishment of the other Gladers.”

Something you might want to know is that Minho is the leader of the Runners, Alby was the firstGlader, therefore the leader of the Gladers. No one ever survived a night in the Maze, and Alby, Minho, and Thomas do. Ben does die. Thomas and Minho go back into the Maze and find an escape route. They nearly don’t make it out, but do and tell the others. Another quote coming your way…

“Gally, upset that the fragile peace between the Gladers and the Grievers may be in jeopardy, proposes punishing Thomas for entering the maze, though Newt overrules him and makes Thomas a Runner. Thomas accompanies Minho and a few others into the maze. They find the Griever’scorpse and remove a beeping mechanical part, discovering that it is numbered to correspond to a certain section in the maze. The Box sends up the first ever girl, who apparently recognizes Thomas. A note in her hand says she’ll be “the last one ever”. The girl, named Teresa, carries two syringes filled with a blue-colourish mysterious substance. The Gladers use one on Alby, and he gradually recovers from his sting, as well as his memories.”

Oh! Something I forgot to mention is none of them remember anything other than their name. They remember nothing of their past life. The last quote will tell you what happens at the end…

“Minho and Thomas venture into the section of the maze on the Griever’s part, discovering an escape route. They barely make it back after being forced to retreat, and inform the others. That night, a wave of Grievers pour in from the walls and attack the Gladers, killing a cured Alby, among many others. Thomas stabs himself in the leg with a severed sting and remembers that he and Teresa were part of the organization that created the maze, and that all of this was a test. Gally blames Thomas and Teresa for everything and attempts to execute them. The Gladers stop him, and most of them follow Thomas through the maze’s escape route. They end up in a lab with the dead bodies of scientists strewn everywhere. A video recording of a woman plays, explaining that the planet has been destroyed by increased solar activity, followed by an epidemic. The youths in the Glade were all part of an experiment researching their apparent resistance to the epidemic. At the end of the recording, she shoots herself in the head as the lab is attacked. Gally then appears, delirious from being stung. He fires a gun at Thomas, but Minho stabs and kills him. Chuck is killed by Gally’s shot. Masked men rush in to take the group away to safety, and the maze is revealed to be in a vast desert. The dead scientists appear alive, stating that the experiment has been a success, and the survivors are now entering  Phase Two.”

AND THEN IT ENDS. LIKE WHAT THE HECK. YOU CAN’T LEAVE ME LIKE THAT WITH A FREAKING CLIFFHANGER. Me and Danielle were so ticked. The next one doesn’t even hit theatres until September 18th, 2015!

You ready for the crackpot theories? (Theories me and Danielle came up with during the movie)

  1. The blue vial is Memory Serum from Divergent.
  2. Thomas and Theresa are Divergent.
  3. This is a section of Divergent (one of the Bureau’s experiment)
  4. The Maze is part of the Hunger Games.



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