The Scorch Trials Movie Review

So this is the second Maze Runner movie (it’s called THE SCORCH TRIALS. If you call it Maze Runner 2 I’ll jack slap you). This one was so much better than the first one (and that one was pretty rockin’ fantastic!) I give it 4/4 stars. It gave me good feels, it destroyed me. It made me hate characters, it made me love characters, it made me hate and love characters…You just need to watch it. Go. Now. LEAVE. We’ll discuss when you get back.



And might I just say that Thomas really knows how to get himself in effed up situations.

Okay, but before I get into the plot, I’m going to tell you what my opinions on the characters are now after seeing this movie.

Thomas: Love/hate relationship. Why does he have to be through all of the effed up epic battle scenes? Why not Minho? Why not Newt? And this kid is batshit crazy. You know why.
Minho: He remains my fave. Love him. He is bae.
Newt: He remains my second fave. Love him to death!
Teresa: I was sort of ‘meh’ with her in The Maze Runner. But I freakin’ hated her this entire movie. I didn’t trust her AT ALL. I knew that she would betray them to WICKED. I could tell. She was too loyal.
Sonya: Loved her. Even though we barely have any time with her. She is badass and I unashamedly love her just because she’s playing Clary in Shadowhunters.
Brenda: Badass. She’s one of my faves from this movie. I just really enjoyed her character and I really hope she doesn’t die (she probably will but one can hope)
Jorge: He was full of badass kickery and he was also one of my faves from this movie. Love him!
Aris: Adorable. Loved him.
Rat Man: He can die in hell for all I care.
Ava Paige: Refer to Rat Man.

So let me just start off by saying that Thomas frustrated me a lot in this movie with the really stupid things he did. Just putting it out there.

So when they get out in the Scorch (before that they discovered the people who rescued them was really WICKED and they were going to sedate them all to harvest them), they’re running from WICKED and they find this building where they all go in and they start to look around. Minho, poor baby, I love you but WHY THE EFF WOULD YOU TURN ALL OF THE EFFING LIGHTS ON. YOU HAD TO KNOW THAT WOULD CAUSE SOME CATASTROPHIC EVENT TO HAPPEN.

So they’re being chased by these zombie-like creatures called Cranks and of course Thomas was with Minho and Thomas always gets himself in really shitty situations because he’s Thomas. But they are all running, (Thomas stops sometimes and I just screamed at the screen WHAT THE EFF ARE YOU DOING YOU IDIOT) Winston (a glader) ends up getting bitten and the Cranks seem to leave them alone enough for them to leave. So they set out into the destroyed city (it reminded me of District 12 from The Hunger Games) and Thomas is the only one who hears the helicopters and makes everyone else get down. Why he’s the only one who heard it, I have no idea.

So they set off to find the Mountain People. Winston dies, but they all move on and end up sleeping on the ground somewhere. And of course its Thomas who wakes up and sees the lights. He wakes everyone else up, has them look at them and after thirty seconds of them all looking at the lights, he asks them like five times if they see it. They say they do, of course and then this lightning just rolls in out of nowhere.

And they are running from the lightning because it hits the ground in several places and of course bae is the one who gets struck. They bring him into the building, proceed to yell at him to wake up, and Minho’s being a cutie and they meet the guard dogs (Cranks) and meet Brenda (mostly Thomas) who takes them up to Jorge. Long story short they’re tied up and hanging. Someone contacts WICKED and they’re storming the place so Brenda and Jorge rescue the kids (well, mostly Brenda) and there’s this zipline they have to go on to get to safety.

And of course, Thomas being Thomas makes everyone else go before him so he and Brenda have to go another way because of WICKED and they end up running and have to go across a beam and Thomas just stands there without following her for a good ten seconds and then decides to follow her. Meanwhile the building’s starting to self-destruct. He finally goes after her and they are nearly trapped but they go in the sewer and are talking and they come upon a passageway and they end up disturbing Cranks who chase them all through the sewer and into the city.

Brenda ends up getting bitten, they find a party where their friends were supposedly at and they get drugged. But after that, they’re headed to the Mountain People (otherwise knows as the Right Arm) where we meet Sonya (and yes, I do love her solely because her actress is playing Clary in Shadowhunters) and they are welcomed (sort of) into Right Arm and Thomas figures out some more things about himself and everything’s good and dandy, right? But that never stays that way longer than five minutes and then Teresa was isolating herself and I knew that she’d done it.

I always suspected her from the first moment they rescued her before running from WICKED. I knew that she was too loyal. And I was right. She sold them out and there was battle (more like war) and Brenda and Jorge end up leaving. But Jorge leaves his bag of explosives and Thomas allows himself to be captured and threatens (eventually) to throw this grenade at Ava. They all start rebelling and Minho is electrocuted (WHY YES I WAS SOBBING) and he and a bunch of other kids from Right Arm are captured and taken with WICKED. I was practically screaming and Thomas announces what he intends to do.

He’s batshit crazy.

He says he’s going to infiltrate WICKED and free those kids and kill Ava. They all say he’s lost his mind. But they end up saying they’ll stand with him. And then there was the biggest mother effing cliffhanger ever. And the movie ends with Newt asking Thomas his plan.

My Thoughts:
I loved this movie. It was exciting and a complete thrill ride from beginning to end. I recommend it to everyone. And don’t get me wrong. I love Thomas. But he’s so freaking frustrating. And I hate Teresa. She can go screw herself.

Just my thoughts!



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