25 Bookish Facts About Me!

I haven’t really talked a lot about myself or bookish things related to myself unless you count my love for tags and just reading in general, so I thought this would be a fun way for you all to get to know me better.

1. I always drink a cup of tea with five tablespoons of sugar when I read.

2. I have the hardest time focusing on reading when I am at home, so I generally do all of my reading at school (but I am working on it).

3. To help me concentrate on reading and avoid the constant noise at my house, I listen to instrumentals and movie scores. The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe is my favorite score.

4. My favorite type of novel to read is a fairytale retelling. That’s why one of my favorite series of all time is the Lunar Chronicles series by Marissa Meyer.

5. I am not very good at predicting what is going to happen in a book that I am reading. I suck at noticing certain things. At foreshadowing. A lot of people are good at this. I am not.

6. I am not the greatest at reading new releases. I am pretty good at keeping track of them, but dismal at best in the art of buying them.

7. I have a bad habit of buying like four or eight books at a time when I have ten books I still need to read on my bookshelf. My TBR has grown to be exponentially large.

8. I am great at avoiding spoilers from outside elements (the internet, family, and friends), but I am terrible at avoiding spoilers from myself. This usually happens when I flip through the book to see how many pages it has and I see something that happens and I want to shoot myself in the face.

9. I can’t read in a moving vehicle. I get really carsick really easily and doing just about anything but listen to music makes me nauseous.

10. The book that I have read the most ever is Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer. I have literally read that book probably ten times. I’m not even exaggerating.

11. I have written and published two novellas on Amazon. I wouldn’t recommend reading them because I wrote them like sophomore year of high school and I wasn’t well versed in the art of character and world development or editing. They are train-wrecks.

12. I update my Goodreads religiously. I am super on top of updating my reading progress. If you need to contact me, Goodreads is your best bet.

13. The genre of high fantasy is one that I rarely reach for. It is super hard for me to get into and I don’t have the patience to read about the world and having it be set up. Not a big fan.

14. I prefer hardbacks to paperbacks, but I am cheap, so I always buy paperbacks if possible. Almost every book on my shelf is a paperback.

15. One of my biggest bookish pet peeves is dog-earing the pages. I view that as damaging the book and I think it tears up the book. Is it so hard to rip out a piece of notebook paper, fold it, and put it in your book? I mean come on.

16. I love it when there are illustrations and pictures to help the story along. It really helps me to visualize everything, and I really appreciate it.

17. I love it when there is a pretty design etched onto the hardback. It just makes me want to hug the book and want to take selfies with it. And I abhor selfies, so that is saying something.

18. I have this horrible habit of reading two or three books at once. For example, when I was reading Landline by Rainbow Rowell, I was also reading Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas. Still currently making my way through that one…[Throne of Glass]

19. I don’t think you can ever have too many books.

20. My goal is to collect at least five hundred books. I am about a fifth of the way there.

21. My bookshelf is not organized at all. I am a pretty disorganized person, so this is no surprise.

22. I have only read the first five books of the Harry Potter series by J. K. Rowling and I have only seen the first five movies.

23. I am incapable of taking notes while reading. I can’t do it. It pulls me out of the story and I read so fast that my pencil would never be able to keep up. And I still remember everything that happens, so maybe I don’t need to take notes.

24. My favorite things to post are book tags. I just think they are so fun to write and do.

25. I do not fancast when I am reading. I totally do it when writing (guilty as charged), but I don’t do it when reading because I picture them as they are described. However, if I see the movie before reading the book, I do picture those actors/actresses.

So those were 25 bookish facts about me. I hope you enjoyed this, and I hope you learned something new about my bookish life.

Love You All to Luna and Back,


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