My 2016 Reading Goals

I know it is a bit late, a month overdue, but figured no time like the present, right? So this is something I have had to think about a lot, which is why it has taken me forever to put up. They aren’t very high, I’m just telling you now.

So firstly, I would like to read at least 52 books this year. That’s a book a week, which is pretty manageable, I think. It is still higher than my reading goal for 2015. I am headed off to college this coming August and I am not going to have time to sit and read a lot. That’s just the reality.

My Second reading goal is to read more diverse books. So many YA books are pretty similar to me, so I think I want to change it up a bit. I want to read about characters from different cultures and races. Passenger by Alexandra Bracken is a good example. That’s probably the first book I’ve ever read where it is an interracial relationship and it was done so well.

This next one centers on my blog. I want to do more book reviews. I want to maybe make my own tag(s). I want to make more diverse and different posts. I’ve been noticing lately that all I’ve been doing are tags, my TBRs and Wrap Ups and other general things. No challenges. I really want to step it up in regards to the posts that I do make.

I also want to participate in at least one read-a-thon. I have never ever participated in one, and I think that it would be fun. If you aren’t familiar with that term, it is a reading marathon. Pretty much you read as much as you can within a set number of hours or days. Many times, they last twenty four hours. When I decide to do one, I will be posting a TBR as to what books I want to complete during that read-a-thon.

I think I want to definitely not be so stressed out about reaching a reading goal. I was sort of stressing myself out at the end of last year because I wanted to reach my reading goal of 50 books (I read 55 last year; I surpassed that thing!).

This was in part because I read very little over the summer (reading slumps suck ass). I read maybe six or eight books. Maybe less. So to make up for that, I read nonstop when school started. I constantly had a book in my hand, and when Christmas Break rolled around, I had nothing left to read, so I didn’t read anything, and that pushed me into a reading slump. One that I am still trying to get over. And I am not about stressing myself out. I will do my work, and read when I can.

I want to focus more on writing. I haven’t written anything in almost two months. And it has nothing to do with Writer’s Block. I just haven’t had the motivation to write. And the crazy thing is I have the entire plot mapped out for the first time ever, and I still haven’t written anything. So over the summer, I will probably be power-writing.

I need to get back in the game. If I finish what I am working on, it will be the first novel I have ever written. I have written two pretty bad novellas, but this one is the first one that I think is good. Again, this is only the first draft, and already I can tell that it needs major work, but for right now, I don’t give a damn because it is the first draft and I can edit all that shit out when I start working on the second draft.

My last goal for this year is to read books that I have been avoiding for literally ever. It is mostly due to their size or my procrastination as to why I haven’t read them yet. I am just going to be listing them. No detail, just ones I really want to get to.

A Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin


Outlander by Diana Gabaldon


11/22/63 by Stephen King


The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd


Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J. K. Rowling

So yeah, I started rambling several times, and I apologize, but those are my goals for this year. I would love to know what your goals are, so you should comment down below what you plan to accomplish in the year of 2016. Here’s to a positive, productive 2016!

Love You All to Luna and Back,


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