The 5th Wave Movie Review (Spoiler-Free)

*Warning: this review is pretty much all over the place. Just my thoughts on the acting, characters, writing, and certain aspects of the movie*

I am just going to be discussing my general thoughts, so if you want to see the movie, you can still read this without seeing it. My general thoughts on this movie as a film and not as an adaptation is that it is mediocre. The dialogue wasn’t blatantly bad, but not great either. Some of the actors were good, some were not. Pretty much, you would think it was “fine” or “okay”. It by no means would wow you.

However, if you read the book, and then watched the adaptation, you would be very disappointed. The movie made everything out to be a cliché. It stripped away everything I loved about the book that was funny and just the relationships between the characters. In the book, Evan was more of a stalker, awkward guy, but he was still hot and sexy (at least to me) in that lumberjack sort of way. Kind of like the Wolverine from X-Men. In the movie, he was very ordinary, not funny at all, though he was pretty to look at.

Whenever he and Cassie were together, I would just cringe and want them at least five paces apart. I felt no chemistry whatsoever (sort of like my feelings on Jace and Clary in Shadowhunters). On that note, Cassie was not funny and sarcastic, but that is entirely the fault of the writing. I’ve seen Chloe act. She can do it. She is a phenomenal actress. If you need convincing, I definitely recommend you go watch If I Stay (though, fair warning: I cried nonstop throughout that movie).

The writing just cut out all of the best, funny, and awkward moments of the books. All you saw was cliché. There was no chemistry between Evan and Cassie. And they completely changed her character. She never would have gone to that stupid party because that isn’t Cassie. And Ben automatically knew who she was, which irritated me. He was so clueless in the book, which is what made it so hilarious when they met.

Let’s talk about Ben Parish. I like the actor. I think he delivered his lines well, though they weren’t the best lines. He was pretty believable. He looked like how I pictured Ben looking, and I really enjoyed his acting. I wish there was a relationship shown between him and Sammy. We didn’t get that. It was missing, which really sucked.

In talking about Sam, I liked his actor. I thought he did a really good job, and I really thought he did a good job portraying Cassie’s younger brother.

Ringer. She was not anything like she was in the book. In the book, I felt like she was badass, beautiful, and just a kickass character. In the movie? She just felt like a winy emo teenager. I didn’t like her actress. I didn’t like her lines. She didn’t make me laugh, and she definitely did not seem badass. She didn’t stand out to me at all.

Vosch. CAN WE JUST TALK ABOUT HOW HE IS THE ASSHOLE CALLED VICTOR CREED FROM X-MEN ORIGINS. CAN WE. I saw him in the trailer, and I was like, “Yep, he’s the asshole in the movie.” And he was. He’s just great at portraying asshole characters. I thought he did it pretty well. He didn’t really have a lot of lines, but I still liked him as Vosch.

Something that I really did like about the movie was the cinematography. I thought everything looked cool and like how I imagined it, so I was cool with it.

*Spoilers Below*

Least Favorite scene: that scene when Cassie and Evan just started passionayely making out in front of Ben Parish when she desperately needed to get to her brother or she would never see him again.

Favorite scene: probably that scene when Cassie was running after her bother in the bus. I really felt for her; I felt her despair at losing her brother.

*Spoilers over*

My rating would be 3/5 stars; essentially a C grading. It was okay as a movie, pretty bad as an adaptation because it stripped away everything that I loved about the book.



Love You All to Luna and Back,


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