Book Review: “Six of Crows” by Leigh Bardugo

***Warning: This review contains spoilers. If you wish to not know what goes on throughout this book, read the synopsis and don’t read any other part of this review.***


“Ketterdam: a bustling hub of international trade where anything can be had for the right price—and no one knows that better than criminal prodigy Kaz Brekker. Kaz is offered a chance at a deadly heist that could make him rich beyond his wildest dreams. But he can’t pull it off alone…

A convict with a thirst for revenge.

A sharpshooter who can’t walk away from a wager.

A runaway with a privileged past.

A spy known as the Wraith.

A Heartrender using her magic to survive the slums.

A thief with a gift for unlikely escapes.

Kaz’s crew are the only ones who might stand between the world and destruction—if they don’t kill each other first.”


Kaz: he is known as Dirtyhands because he will do any job for money. He really develops as a character. I really loved how he cared about Inej and how we really didn’t know a lot about him. He was just such an interesting character!

Inej: she is known as the Wraith. She is silent and really cares about people. She cares for Kaz and I really love the friendship that was shown through her and Nina. She was probably my favorite character,

Nina: she is a grisha, a heartrender. She has been trying for years to get Kaz to get Matthias out of jail, but no dice, until he became useful. She really cares about others, and I really liked her character as well.

Matthias: he is frustrating. I really did not like him at all at first. He is a Fjerdan Grisha Witch hunter. He really hates Nina for what she did, but that does eventually morph into love for her again. I just really loved the love story between him and Nina.

Jesper: he just cracks me up. Turns out he’s a closet Fabrikator (that’s totally an intended joke because he is also gay or at least bisexual). He loves guns. Essentially, he’s a sharpshooter. He is addicted to gambling and because of that, he owes a lot of people a lot of money. He definitely flirts with Wylan and I am all about that.

Wylan: he is Van Eck’s son and he really grows on you as the story progresses. He is pretty useful with explosives nad he really does become part of the team. I also really loved the flirtation between him and Jesper (I think he might be bi, but who knows? He could just as easily be gay).

Van Eck: this bastard is the one who jumped Kaz to have him get the scientist, but as it turns out, he just wants the drug for himself to sell and populate the world and turn it into chaos. He wants to take over the world, essentially. He is a merchant, and I really hate him. I just want him to die.


Six of Crows starts off with this scene where there’s this guard of this mansion and they go to this place in the mansion where the owner is giving this drug, jurdaparem, to this healer Grisha (Grisha’s are prisoners in this country; such a stark contrast to Ravka where they are held in high regard; super fascinating) and it allows her to control people. She does die. The drug heightens the powers of the Grisha, gets them addicted by one dose, and does eventually kill them.

So then we move onto our actual main characters. We start with Inej and her and the Dregs (a gang; the one of focus) are meeting the leader of the Black Tips (a rival gang). Long story short: Kaz (the leader pretty much) gets the drop on everyone about howBolliger betrayed them and has him killed. He scares the other gang leader with a bluff and everyone gets home safely (Other Bolliger; he’s dead).

So Inej starts following Kaz and he knows, eventually get her to leave him be. Not even two minutes after she leaves, he is jumped and taken to this Merchant’s house (Van Eck) and given a proposition. If he’ll break into the Ice Palace and steal this man (Bo Yul-Bayur; the creator of the drug) and bring him back, he’ll give him thirty million kruge (twenty percent goes to Kaz’s boss, Per Haskell). He accepts, of course, and recruits Inej (also known as the Wraithe). He then goes to this Grishaheartrender named Nina (who we briefly saw in Shadow and Bone, the first book in the Grisha trilogy). She is part of the group that is going to get that man, but to do it, they need someone who really knows the layout of the Ice Palace.

So they break this Fjerdan(I forgot to mention that they are in Ketterdam) Grisha Hunter named Matthias out of this prison. So they do that (he tries to kill Nina; a lot of the time I really want to punch him) and they get out of there. They end up finally making him agree to help them and we get inside his mind for his POV and it really made my skin crawl. So they head for the boats. Inej is the last to arrive with their things and they are ambushed by two gangs, the Black Tips and the Razorgulls.

So Wylan (Van Eck’s son; forgot to mention that) and Jesper run for the real boat (the first one was a decoy) and get there. Inej is seriously hurt and goes to kill herself when Kaz stops her, rescues her, and brings her back to the ship (I SHIP IT. I SHIP IT. I SHIP IT SO HARD.) and the rest of them get there and they head off.

They have a prisoner. It’s the second in command of the Black Tips, I believe, and his name is Oomen (he’s the one that stabbed the Wraithe). He is tortured for information while Nina is trying to heal Inej. He tells them (after some persuasion and by persuasion I mean Kaz cut his face and gouged out one eye) that Pekka Rollins is the one who had the two gangs ambush them.

Then Kaz threw him overboard. Gotta love his methods…

So eventually Inej wakes up and is ebing led around by Jesper to try to get herself back on her feet. So they finally get to Fjerda and start towards the Ice Palace. They are attacked by Grisha under the influence of jurdaparemthat are led by the Shu. They kill the Grisha and head towards the Ice Palace. They make a tree crash to make the prisoner carriage stop. They switch out six prisoners and then all clamor inside. Kaz fumbles and when he finally gets the hood on and everything situated with the door, he faints.

He wakes up and they get in the prison. The guard finds the two lockpicks in Kaz’s mouth (nice going, asshole. Now your whole plan is going to shit…) and they are all sent to their cells. Then set off chloro gas to knock out the prisoners and Jesper manufactured two lock picks from the bars (he is Grisha, a Fabrikator; who would’ve thought?) and they all get out and meet with some of the others who tell them the Incinerator has been used recently, but they find Inej’s shoes, which cling to any surface, so she can still climb up it.

So Nina and Kaz split up to search the cells for the scientist and she didn’t find anything, but he didn’t meet her, so she went to search for him, killed a couple of guards and made the alarm sound. Nice, Nina. Real nice. But Inej is climbing up the incinerator when she realizes her shoes are melting. But she does get all the way up. We learn that the reason Kaz was so late was he was killing Pekka Rollins (at least I am pretty sure he killed him), but Nina and Kaz eventually get down there and they all get up the rope and out of the prison.


So they come up with a plan.

Nina and Inej are dressing like the girls from the Menagerie to get into the party to see if they can find out where the scientist is being held. Kaz and Matthias look for the only way out of the Ice Palace while Jesper and Wylan trigger the Black Protocol and lock the soldiers in their own fortress. So Nina and Inej do go, but Inej is found to be suspicious, so she is put aside while Nina goes in.

Jesper and Wylan knock several guards unconscious and Jesper realizes he needs to weaken the steel cables for them to lock the guards inside. Kaz and Matthias find the bridge and get across. Nina sees Kaz and Matthias exactly where they are supposed to be, but she runs into a man who is supposed to be dead (Jarl Brum).

So Kaz and Wylan finally get the damn chain to break and there is flirtation (I ship it, guys) and they wait. Inej is arrested and being taken back to the prison because THAT BITCH HELEEN TOLD THEM ALL ABOUT WHO SHE IS AND IS MAKING THEM HANG HER. I WANT TO KILL THIS BITCH. *Angry Allie sounds* Sorry, I’m fine, I’m cool…

So as it turns out, Matthias is a fabulous actor and he knocks Brum unconscious and frees Nina. They go to the vault where they are keeping the scientist and as it turns out, he’s dead and they’ve been trying to force his son to do it, but he never gets it right. He is an Inferni Grisha and they blow up the place.

And then they are captured by the soldiers. They are bound when one of the soldiers reveals himself to be Kaz and he pulls them with him to the tree to the hole that goes down into this water gorge.

And we head back over to Inej who turns out was doing exactly what she was supposed to. Completely blew my mind because I thought that the book would end with her trapped in the Ice Palace, but that wasn’t the case. Wylan and Jesper rescue her and turns out she stole Heleen’s diamond and they wrap it and some metal around the door to hold it. And she swings up into this tank and they end up getting away.

So Nina, the scientist’s kid, Matthias, and Kaz all make it to shore, though they have to perform CPR on Kaz and make it to the tank and they all think they will be getting there alive when they make it to the shore and there are a lot of troops waiting for them with a Heartrender. So Nina does something to save them, but very well will damn herself and she takes some of the drug, controls the troops and makes them go to sleep. More show up with Grisha steel on so she can’t control them, but she controls everyone else to take their hoods off. She nearly kills them (including Brum) when Matthias stops her. They are unconscious, but they get to the ship and get away.

So they meet Van Eck and give him the boy when they are attacked by Tide Makers hired by the merchant. Never trusted that bastard. And they trick him. Turns out that the boy was actually Wylan tailored to look like the son. His face was PRICELESS. So because she is important to Van Eck, he has his squallers take Inej. I knew the end would have something to do with my fave.

So turns out the reason they were initially ambushed by the gangs was Jesper ran his mouth to one of Pekka Rollins guys about the drug and the money. So they go to Pekka Rollins (turns out that Kaz didn’t actually kill him) and they strike a deal with him. They got a lot of money from him and in return Kaz sold his shares of the Crows Club to him. And Pekka realizes that Kaz just stole a lot of things from him. That is pretty much the end of the book.

My Theories:

I think that in the next book we are going to see who Kaz really is. How desperate he is to get Inej back. We will see murder and torture and mayhem and it is going to be the same kind of thrill ride as this one was. I think the characters will definitely begin to develop more and we will definitely see who they truly are and what they are capable of. The second one is called Crooked Kingdom, and we are supposed to be getting it September 22 of this year.

My Thoughts:

This book was so good. I loved the characters, the world, the story line, the budding relationships and friendship, the relationships between all of the characters…I really loved the writing…I just really loved this book. The characters were really well developed and written. I loved all of the different back stories we get to see for the characters. Now you don’t need to read the Grisha Trilogy to read this. Not at all. Now if you have read the trilogy, you will definitely pick up on subtle things in the story, but they don’t really impact the story, so you can definitely read this without reading that trilogy. Its a completely different country with completely different characters and cultural standards. I really enjoyed this book!

4.5/5 hearts

Love You All to Luna and Back,



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