Deadpool Movie Review

I just got back from seeing Deadpool a few hours ago and it was so good. I really enjoyed it. It was hilarious, sexy, violent, but it also has a great storyline and over arching plot. I loved the characters and I loved that it was hilarious and sexy, but also had very serious moments. It was a great balance. I would give this movie an “A”, a 95% on my scale. If you’re uncomfortable with sex, graphic nudity, a ton of violence and language, and crude and innapropriate humor, I wouldn’t recommend it, but if that doesn’t really bother you, you should definitely go see it. Don’t watch it if you’re under seventeen.


So I am actually just going into the plot because if you don’t know who the characters are, you haven’t seen the movie and you shoudn’t be reading this review.


So the movie starts out with Wade in the car with that cab driver. It was already getting funny. We see him on this building drawing a picture of himself kicking Francis’s ass and its great. We get several scenes where he breaks the fourth wall by talking to the camera and I really loved that. I just really loved how the story was told. We see that scene with the pizza guy, which apparently is a very toned down version of the comic book scene. Just about everything in the movie is a part of the comics in one way or another.

Oh! I feel the need to talk about the intro. This is probably my favorite intro of all time. That was the first moment that I realized, “This is about to be a really great movie.” It was just hilarious.

We see how he takes jobs to help people, which was something that I thought really showed that even though he was a sarcastic asshole, he was also a good guy. Not a hero. But a good guy. So he meets Vanessa (who in the comics was known as Copycat; she was a shapeshifter) and their trying to one-up each other was really cute and the fact that he spent his time on a real, actual date was something that I found both hilarious and pretty cute. And of course they end up making out and having wild, graphic sex several times and we get to see their relationship as it developed. It may have seemed very physical, but they really loved each other and that really showed on the screen.

He proposed to her and it was freaking great and then he gets cancer. And that asshole comes in and tells him of the offer. Even though I knew he was going to do it because I’ve seen X-Men: Origins, I was yelling at the screen, “Hoe, don’t do it!” And of course the procedure I think was even worse than the Wolverine’s, and that was pretty bad. I just could hardly look at the screen in this part because it was making me cringe so much. Just to imagine the type of pain he was in is horrifying. But I digress.

So his face is all burned and crap and because his image was everything to him, he does not go back to Vanessa. He stays in a crack house, trying to find that jerkface that did this to him. And what I love about Marvel is there is always this whole other plotline we get to see. So with this finding and wanting to kill this bastard, we see him trying to deal with his image issues (obviously in a hilarious fashion), but in addition to that, he is trying to avoid the X-Men who are trying to recruit him, but he obviously always gets away. There are only two X-Men shown. I don’t actually know the girl’s name, but Colossus was there and his accent and genial nature compared to his bulk and size was a hilarious and great balance, I thought.

There were so many jabs at Ryan Reynolds playing Green Lantern, which flopped miserably. That was the point of the line about making sure the suit is not green. There are so many jokes about the Wolverine and Hugh Jackman and I thought it was hilarious. I barely stopped laughing this entire movie. But I am getting side tracked.

So back to the fight scene. So he kicks all of their asses and nearly kills Francis when the X-Men show up and allow him to get away. They try to get him to come with them, so to get out of the handcuff, he cuts his hand off (it grows back, of course). So he incidently let Francis know who he was (he thought he died in a major fire) and he wants him dead, so he gets information on him and Francis figures out who his (ex)-girlfriend was and kidnaps her to lure Deadpool.

So let’s fast forward to the fight scene at the end. It was violent as hell, but in the end Francis does die (even after, technically during, Collosus does this whole monologue on making the right choice) and Wade does get together with Vanessa (underneath his mask there was this picture of Hugh Jackman stapled to his face, and I bursted out in embarassingly loud laughter. So they kiss and the movie ends and it was great.

But because I know Marvel, I stayed until the end of the movie. And there indeed was an end-credits scene. It was basically talking about the sequel and how Cable is going to be in it.

My Thoughts:

I loved all of the various references to other comics, movies, whatever. So many things were in the movie. I loved the acting, the humor…I just really loved this movie. I had very high hopes and it exceeded those. It was just a really spectacular movie, and I highly recommend that you go watch it.

Love You All to Luna and Back,


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