February Wrap Up!

I had a pretty good reading month! I did not stick to my TBR, which is pretty normal for me. So I read seven books this month. That’s three extra books, so looks like I will definitely be reaching my Goodreads Goal this year. This has definitely been the best reading month that I have ever had in my existence. But let’s get to the books!

So the first book I read this month was P. S. I Still Love You by Jenny Han.


This is the sequel to To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, which I loved. That story was centered around our main character Lara Jean who wrote these letters in eighth grade with explicit detail on how she felt about them and one day someone decides to send them out (L. J. had them sealed and addressed like an idiot). Its funny and super cute, so I highly recommend you check that out. I was not a huge fan of the second book. I just found the characters to be really annoying and I just felt like there was no need for a love triangle. I gave this a 3/5 hearts. If you want to know all of my feelings, I will link my book review here.

The next book I read this month was The Sword of Summer by Rick Riordan.


This is the first book in what I believe to be a series on Norse Mythology. Its about this boy named Magnus Chase who is homeless and finds himself in danger and trying to prevent the end of the world from happening. I am trying to not spoil anything. It is honestly so much better to just go into this book blind. It was fantastic! I absolutely loved it, and I gave it a 5/5 hearts. If you want to know all of my spoilery feels, my book review is linked here.

The next book I read was Truthwitch by Susan Dennard.


This is the first book in a fantasy series, and it was so good. It surrounds these two best friends named Safiya and Iseult who are kicking ass and saving the world. Safiya is a Truthwitch, meaning she can tell truth from lie, and everyone is trying to get their hands on her for political reasons. Iseult is a Threadwitch, meaning she can see the bonds that link people together and their moods and whatnot. It is very action-packed, and I really love that the main relationship in this book was the friendship between Safiya and Iseult. I just really loved this story line and I gave it 4.5/5 hearts. My book review is linked here.

The next book I read was Faking Normal by Courtney C. Stevens.


This was such a powerful and enthralling story. There is a trigger-warning for self-harm and rape, so keep that in mind. It is centered around Alexi, a girl who is essentially faking normal when Bodee loses his mom and essentially his dad and moves in with her family. They help each other figure things out and deal with their pain. It is very beautiful and just powerful. I absolutely loved this and gave it a 5/5 hearts. My full book review is linked here.

The next book I read this month was Carry On by Rainbow Rowell.


This is essentially Rainbow Rowell trying to do Harry Potter. This is the fanfiction that Cath from Fangirl was writing about this fantasy series that she loved, but its Rainbow Rowell’s version. It centers around Simon Snow, this “Chosen One” who is supposed to kill the Insidious Humdrum and solve all of their problems. Obviously he falls in love along the way. This is gay love, so if that bothers you, then more power to you! I absolutely loved this book. It was so hilarious and cute and I just really enjoyed reading this book. I could not put it down. This is roughly around 520 pages. I read this in three days. THREE DAYS. I devoured it, and this is the book that officially brought me completely out of my reading slump. I gave this book a 5/5 hearts. If you want to know all of my thoughts, my book review is linked here.

The next book that I read in February was Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo.


This is essentially about a heist. Six people join this impossible heist to get get something from the most protected facility in the world. It is impenetrable. The story line is great, but what I really loved about this was the unique cast of characters. They all have super interesting back stories. They were all developed really well. This is set in the Grisha world from Leigh’s Grisha Trilogy, but you do not need to read that to read this. This one is set in a completely different country with different cultural standards. The events from the trilogy are only briefly mentioned. I really loved this book, and gave it 4.5/5 hearts. My review is linked here.

The last book that I read this month was Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas


This is the second book in Sarah J. Maas’s fabulous Throne of Glass series. If you don’t already know, Throne of Glass is a fantasy series featuring a badass assassin named Celaena Sardothien who has to compete in this competition to become the King’s personal assassin. It is really good, and I definitely recommend that you go and read it. Each book just gets better and better, and this one was no exception. I flew through this book. If you remember, when I read Throne of Glass, it took me the entire month to get through. I got through this in about three or four days. It was fantastic. I gave this 5/5 stars, and if you are interested in all my feelsy, spoilery thoughts, my review is linked here.

I read a lot of good books this month! This is the best reading month I have had in my existence, and this has convinced me that I will be able to really read in college a lot (I have been trying to read more because I need to get ahead before I get behind in college). You all should comment down below which book is your favorite. I would love to know.

Love You All to Luna and Back,


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