Book Review: “A Court of Thorns and Roses” by Sarah J. Maas

***Warning: This review contains spoilers. If you wish to not know what goes on throughout this book, read the synopsis and don’t read any other part of this review.***


When nineteen-year-old huntress Feyre kills a wolf in the woods, a beast-like creature arrives to demand retribution for it. Dragged to a treacherous magical land she only knows about from legends, Feyre discovers that her captor is not an animal, but Tamlin—one of the lethal, immortal faeries who once ruled their world.

As she dwells on his estate, her feelings for Tamlin transform from icy hostility into a fiery passion that burns through every lie and warning she’s been told about the beautiful, dangerous world of the Fae. But an ancient, wicked shadow grows over the faerie lands, and Feyre must find a way to stop it… or doom Tamlin—and his world—forever.”


Feyre: she is our main character and she is fabulous. She can’t read or write. She is strong and loves with every fiber of her being.

Tamlin: He is pretty guarded, but he is sexy and loves Feyre with literally everything that he has.

Lucien: though Feyre originally thought that he hated her, they end up becoming good friends.

Amarantha: this bitch that is controlling all of the Faerie lands and put a curse on the entire spring court.

Rhysand: Mixed feelings. I like him, but I don’t. He pisses me off most of the time, but he does want to rule his lands again, so he helps Feyre and Tamlin. He also bound Feyre’s life to his by making her spend a week of every month for the rest of her life with him.


So the story starts off with Feyre hunting. She kills this wolf to get this deer. She takes it home, skins it, and eats some of the meat (with her father and two sisters who both irritate me). She goes to the market the next day and sells the pelts, gets a lot of money for them from a mercenary, gives some to her sisters, and goes to have sex with this guy Isaac (they aren’t in love or anything) and that night Tamlin comes in his beast form and reveals that she actually killed a Fae and demands retribution for Andras’ life. So she is forced to go live with him in the Fae lands, specifically Prythian, rather than being killed.

Turns out that Tamlin is a High Fae lord and warrior. She learns that there is no use trying to escape because Tamlin made sure they are fed and comfortable and will continue to be as long as she stays with Tamlin. So Lucien is another lord who lives there and detests her for what she did, though they do seem to develop a temporary alliance.

So there’s this creature that can’t be killed and can’t kill you unless you look at it. (It’s called the Bogge) Tamlin is hunting it. So she gets this bright idea to talk to a Suriel. So she traps it and it tells her that Tamlin was indeed a High Lord (we already knew that) and there was no loophole out of the Treaty. It starts talking about the brewing war when it is interrupted by the Naga, Shadow Fae that hunt her and do get a few blows in until Tamlin rips them apart.

We also learn that she can’t read or write. He offers to teach her, but she declines. Anyway, he brings her back. One night, he comes in covered in blood with a nearly dead Fae in his arms. The woman who has been causing the war to be brewing (still don’t know who she is) sawed off his wings. There’s nothing anyone can really do, but Feyre holds the Fae’s hand and whispers about how he will get his wings back until he dies. She stays there for a while before Tamlin walks her up to her room.

So they bond more and go to this pond where it is literally made up of starlight and they swam and it was great. So the Fire Night ceremony happens and she being an idiot goes under a cloak despite being warned that she is not to leave her rooms AT ALL. She is caught by these three faeries and then is saved by another faerie and then is in the crowd when Lucien sees her and forces her to go back to the house.

She learns that Tamlin is overcome by the dark magic and is forced to take a woman to mate with (he of course wanted her, but she wasn’t in the crowd) so she stays in her room. Until she gets hungry. So she eats and then Tamlin finds her and bites her neck and makes her feel all…I was just practically purring in this part.

So she goes to dinner in a dress that next evening and she ends up dining alone with Tamlin and they flirt a little bit (EEEEEEE!) and she takes him to show him her paintings she gives him one and he learns about her life because that is what she painted about.

So the Summer Solstice happens and she gets drunk (I was laughing so hard) and then dances with Tamlin and they kiss and then that Faerie that saved her from the Spring Solstice comes and she is glamoured behind Lucien, but he (Rhysand) figures it out and we learn the woman everyone is afraid of is Amarantha.

So Tamlin is forcing Feyre to leave to protect her (I think it will just put her in more danger, but what do I know) and that night they have sex (a couple of times) and it was perfect and then the next morning she has to leave. I was nearly crying in this scene, but somehow kept my shit together. He tells her that he loves her, but she doesn’t say it back.

So she goes home. She finds out that Tamlin gave her family a ton of money and a mansion to live in. So she learns that Nesta had too strong of a mind to glamour and becomes an unlikely ally who really loves her sister and was hiding it. So she does leave after a few weeks because she needs to go back to Tamin. She feels she has to. So she arrives safe and sound to a completely destroyed house and finds Alis there who tells her what happened, about Tamlin’s curse, and how she could have broken in.

If she had told him she loved him that day. But she didn’t, so she forces Alis to tell her how to get Under the Mountain where Amarantha has Tamlin held captive. So she goes through a cave, gets captured by the Attor, and brought before Amarantha. She strikes a bargain with her that if she completes three tasks and solves a riddle, Amarantha will let her and all of Tamlin’s people (including him) free forever and she will remove his curse.

So she agrees and then she is beaten practically to death. So she wakes up and Lucien heals her broken nose. She has to go through a few tests and after the first one, she is seriously injured and is dying. So Rhysand takes advantage of this, striking a bargain with her. If he heals her, she has to be “his” per se for one week of every month for the rest of her life. So she does that. He puts a tattoo on her body. He helps her on her next test. And then he makes her dress provocatively covered in paint, drink this faery wine that makes her unaware of what she’s doing and it gives her a massive hangover. She does this for weeks until it is time for her final test.

Now right before this final test, some shit goes down. So she and Tamlin disappear to a closet and are making out. It appears they are about to have sex (I was thinking: “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING. I LOVE YOU GUYS TOGETHER, BUT YOU’RE GOING TO GET CAUGHT, IDIOTS!”) and surprise surprise Rhysand catches them, forces Tamlin to leave, heavily makes out with Feyre and Tamlin and Amarantha catch them. So then it comes time for her final test.

She has to kill three faes. She learns that the last one is Tamlin. She figures out that the last part of the curse is that his heart is made of stone, so if she stabs him, it won’t kill him. So she stabs him. All hell breaks loose. But she figures out that the answer to her riddle was love. So that allowed for the curse to break and Tamlin kills her (and did I mention she nearly killed Feyre?) and the High Lords put these drops of light on her and I was like, “Yep, they’re turning her into a fae. AND I WAS RIGHT. ONE POINT FOR ME! So the rest of the book is her very guilty about killing those faeries, but she gets to go home to the manor and now she gets to live forever with Tamlin since she is Immortal. I was very worried about the end of this book, but I really liked how it ended. It was FABULOUS!

My Theories:

I think in the next book we are going to learn what the King’s plan is and what he is going to be doing to Prythian. I think that Feyre is going to be forced to go with Rhysand for a bit and maybe really get hurt. I think her guilt is going to practically destroy her. But other than that, I don’t really know. All I know is it is going to be epic and mind-blowing in true Sarah J. Maas fashion.

My Thoughts:

This is probably now my favorite fantasy book of all time. I am so in love with every single one of the characters. I love the world, I love the romance, and the action, and friendship, and it was just so good. They are probably my second favorite ship of all time with my first of course being Delena of The Vampire Diaries. I put them up there guys. I love Tamlin and Feyre together, and I freaking love this book. SPECTACULAR!

5/5 hearts

Love You All to Luna and Back,



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