So this is going to definitely contain spoilers for episodes 9 and 10 of Shadowhunters. So leave if you haven’t seen those episodes. Also, if you don’t want to hear any negativity about this show, you should just leave now. Before I get into the reason for this rant, let me just say that I want this show to succeed. I will watch every episode until there are no more episodes to watch. I am so unbelievably excited that we get a second season. That being said, I have to be critical at this point. I can’t go along with every storyline of this show. But let’s get into it.

Let me just say that I have liked almost all of the episodes except maybe the first three when it was really trying to get on its feet. They’ve been getting progressively better. And then we had these two episodes. “Rise Up” (1×09) and “World Inverted” (1×10) were pretty bad. Bad enough for me to warrant a rant.

I don’t think it is the actors at this point that makes me hate these episodes (they’re actually pretty great). It is the completely unrealistic growing plotline that would never ever ever happen in the Shadow World. It has nothing to do with the actors and cinematography and everything to do with the parabatai bond.

This probably has to do with the fact that I have been reading Lady Midnight and now I am so intune with the parabatai bond. It has such a huge part of that plotline that I am pretty well-versed on what it means to be a parabatai. There is absolutely no semblance of an actual reality where Jace and Alec are fighting and Alec thinks Jace is dead to him, according to episode 10.

There is no semblance of reality where Alec would say no to helping Jace. They’re parabatai. They stay together through everything, whether you agree with what the other is doing or not. Alec would never choose someone over Jace. Especially some chick he only met, what, a week ago? Alec wouldn’t be a completely asshat to literally everyone. He wouldn’t be getting married and treat Magnus like that.

And another thing with the parabatai bond. It is unbreakable. I don’t even think it can be weakened like they say in the show. There are only two ways in which this bond can be broken. That is if one of them dies or one gets turned into a downworlder. For instance, in the books, Luke becomes a werewolf because he and Valentine were on this mission or whatever and it was an accident that Luke did get bitten. In the show, Valentine pushed him into a barn where he was bitten. As a parabatai, Valentine would never have done that. He wasn’t completely off the rails yet. When you’re parabatai, there is nothing and no one who would come before that person. The show has completely changed what it means to be parabatai.

And then we get this effed up storyline with episode 10. An alternate universe? NEVER WOULD BE PART OF THE SHADOW WORLD BECAUSE IT MAKES NO SENSE. It was the weirdest episode of anything I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Alec says that Jace is dead to him. Isabelle is arrested (which kind of makes sense) and Clary goes into an alternate universe with some portal shard to get to her father. And we see Jace’s father. LIKE WHAT THE EFF. HE IS DEAD. WE READERS KNOW HE IS DEAD. THERE IS NO REALITY WHERE HE IS ALIVE. HE’S DEAD. HE. IS. DEAD. Everything with this show is completely effed up.

I just can’t accept these storylines. There is absolutely no reason why this alternate universe would just happen to have a portal to where Valentine in the real universe would be. If all she had to do was go to Valentine because she knew him, she could have used any normal portal in her own universe. It just makes no sense to me.

But on some positives, I thought the acting was great and the writing wasn’t completely awful. Though it was pretty bad. I would rate episode 9 as a C+ and episode 10 as a C-. I absolutely cannot give it any higher. Now these are my opinions. You don’t have to agree with me. I’m betting that I am in the minority with these opinions anyway. I am sorry I got so worked up, but I had to get these thoughts out or I would literally explode.

Thank you guys so much for reading this and continuing to support me and my blog posts.

Love You All to Luna and Back,



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