Book Review: “The Martian” by Andy Weir | Spoiler Free

Hello! I am back with yet another Spoiler-Free review, this one of a science fiction novel, emphasis on the science. This book has really reminded me of what real scifi is. This is real science and I really appreciated it. Its hilarious and I highly recommend that you pick this one up.


A crew of astronauts are on Mars to study it and a dust storm nearly kills them all. A flying piece of metal hits Mark Watney, knocking him unconscious. The crew, believing him to be dead, leave and start heading back to Earth. But Mark Watney is not dead. He wakes up to find himself completely alone on that planet.

He finds ways to survive on the barren wasteland based on what his crew left. Through satellite images, the world realizes he is not dead, but is indeed alive. So the whole world is doing everything in its power to figure out a way to rescue him and bring him home.

This book is full of action, suspense, a smart ass character, and it really begs the question: what lengths will people go to survive?

My Thoughts:

THIS BOOK WAS SO FREAKING GOOD. First off, Mark is a complete smart ass and I really appreciated that. Secondly, it was such an empowering story that speaks to humanity. What we as humans will do for someone who is stranded on Mars. The lengths to which people went was so extraordinary. This book is hilarious, action-packed, and so innovative and interesting. This is what a true science fiction novel looks like. Such a fantastic story!

5/5 hearts

Love You All to Luna and Back,


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