Book Review: “Demigods and Monsters” by Raye Wagner | Spoiler-Free

Hello! So I literally just finished this book and I really liked it. It was a fabulous installment in this series, but before I get into my thoughts a little bit, let me just say that this is a spoiler-free review for those who have read Curse of the Sphinx. If you haven’t read it, do not stay because you will be spoiled and you don’t want that. So goodbye!


“Can Apollo’s curse be broken?
Seventeen-year-old Hope Nicholas is done running. Apollo’s curse has ruled her entire life, limiting her choices and robbing her of the things that matter most. But she refuses to live in fear any longer. In fact, she’s ready to do whatever it takes to break the god’s power over her existence.
When the goddess Artemis instructs Hope to impersonate a demigod and infiltrate a conservatory to get access to the Olympian library, she doesn’t hesitate. As she sees it, there’s nothing left to lose.
But once inside, Hope discovers the only way to get what she needs is to work with her sworn enemies. As the lines between demigod and monster are crossed again and again, Hope has to dig deep for the courage to accept her fate or fight for the freedom to save herself.”

My Thoughts:

I really enjoyed this book. It was a fabulous installment to this series and I really enjoyed all of the characters that were introduced. While I don’t ship Xan and Hope (Hathan 5ever), I did really like his character and found him interesting. I think he really does care about her and I am curious as to how these feelings could cause a bigger rift between him and Athan. The ending was sort of painful, though not as big of a cliffhanger as I thought. I am glad we finally got to see Apollo interact with Hope (I feel like such a bad person for shipping them). Overall, the story line was kickass and I really appreciated that. I loved the writing and it was just an all around great book. Excited for Book 3!

5/5 hearts

Love You All to Luna and Back,


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