Book Review: “Fever Claim” by Marie Johnston | Spoiler-Free

Hello! Today we will be discussing a paranormal romance novel that surprised me with how much I liked it. Fever Claim is a sexy thrill ride that sucked me in from the start. I highly recommend it, but it is an adult novel, so there are explicit sex scenes in this novel. If that topic makes you uncomfortable or you are not mature enough to handle it, do not read this book. But let’s get into the review!


“After being ditched only weeks before her wedding, Cassie Stockwell wasn’t out looking for a hookup. Then the devastatingly handsome bartender she’d been trying not to obsess over for months offered to give her a ride home. What could one night hurt?

When his future was almost taken away after one impulsive decision, wolf-shifter Jace Miller waited patiently for months before making a move on the woman he knew to be his destined mate. But will one night of passion keep his little human by his side once she learns of his world and the danger it brings to her doorstep?”

My Thoughts:

I did really like this, surprisingly. There was so much suspense and love and action and a ton of sexy moments. I loved the love story and the friendship displayed throughout this novel. This really reminded me why I love paranormal romance so much. This has actually inspired me to maybe write a paranormal romance novel myself, a genre I have avoided in the past like the plague. Loved loved LOVED this novel and I highly recommend it to those seventeen and older. So good!

5/5 hearts

What is your favorite thing about paranormal romance? Comment down below if you are as in love with the genre as I am. I would love to know. And that is going to be it for this review today. Thank you all so much for reading this, I hope you enjoyed it, and I will see you next time.


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