Dead of Summer TV Review | Episode 3

Hello! The third episode just premiered and I am feeling a lot of emotions that I can’t say because spoilers, but know that this episode definitely tops episode 2. I would give this a 98% on my scale. If you are unfamiliar with this new horror show, let me give you the rundown. This is a horror series about a camp in the 1980’s, 1989 to be exact. Its very compelling and creepy and if you haven’t watched it yet, you can still watch these episodes on the Freeform app and sometimes they will go through reruns on Freeform. I highly recommend you give this series a try! I gave this episode a 98% on my scale.

That is the end of the non-spoilery section, so if you haven’t seen this show, you should leave or you will get spoiled for the events of this third episode. If you have seen this episode, keep reading and we can discuss it!



Amy Hughes: While we did not see much of her in this episode, I liked how she was making an effort to be nice to Jessie and try to be friends with her, even if Jessie was still being mean to her.

Joel Goodson: We didn’t really see much of him at all this episode, but I am very curious as to what relationship is building between him and Creepy Deb.

Alex Powell: I still think that Alex is an asshat and I was so glad when Cricket figured that out too. I think he just wants Cricket for sex and I just want something kinda/sorta bad to happen to him, just so he will back off from Cricket.

Carolina Diaz: I loved all of the insight we got into her character. We really got to see who she is and she is actually really nice and has an insecurity about her weight. There is a reason she doesn’t trust people easily and that was showcased in this episode.

Blair Ramos: I have always loved his character and this episode just made me love him more for how he was there for Cricket and how he was such a good friend to her. He has a good heart and I hope it works out between him and Drew.

Jessie Tyler: I still don’t like her. I don’t like how she treats Amy and I just wish she would attempt to be nice, even try to be friends with Amy. It is just frustrating and I really want to know her story and why she pushes everyone away.

Drew Reeves: It was totally surprising to see him kiss Blair, but hey I am not complaining. I am totally for this ship. I think he is super closed off and I want to know more about him. He’s such a mystery!

Garrett Sykes: I found it so interesting, all the things we learned through him about Holyoke. His willingness to figure out what the hell is going on at the camp and the chemistry between him and Jessie and him and Amy has me anticipating on seeing him every time I watch this show.

Deb Carpenter: I still don’t trust her. I think she is still a pretty shady character, even if we didn’t see a ton of her this episode.


The episode starts off with Cricket seeing three masked figures after her shower. We are then transitioned to a flashback of when she is much heavier and is super insecure about her weight. Back in present day, she keeps writing, “Cricket is a slut” on walls. Underneath one of these writing, there is a meeting time written by someone, though she suspects it to be Alex.

Cricket is outside in the woods at night alone and she is surrounded by three masked figures. She starts sinking like the ground is quicksand and one of the figures puts a knife to her throat, but she runs away and then wakes up after she falls. She is totally freaked out and can’t find her boots.

There is a party that Cricket and Blair go to and after she isn’t having fun, she and Blair go to leave when the owner of the house offers to “show her around”. She accepts, hurting Blair’s feelings as they were going to go to the movies.Garrett goes into the creepy abandoned cabin and there is a key on the piano with an image that is on a card that the Tall Man is holding in a photo. A masked figure is watching him.

In a flashback, it is revealed that the guy at the party she hung out with was her old high school crush who made fun of her (Blair comforted her). Right before going to a party, Cricket sees a masked figure, but shakes it off. At the party, the creepy satanist Damon flirts with Cricket and she flirts back and goes on a ride with him to make Alex jealous.

In a flashback, Blair walks Cricket home and she sees her dad screwing the neighbor. In present day, Damon is speeding and scaring Cricket and he is stopped by Garrett. It is revealed that he is the one who wrote the note under hers, not Alex. He was stalking her and Alex defends her honor.

Blair tries in vain to flirt with Drew and suddenly Drew kisses him. Alex and Cricket end up making out. There is a flashback of her telling her mom her dad was cheating on her mom, but her mom already knew. This causes Cricket to push Alex off her and leave (after seeing a mix tape that Blotter made her). Jessie and Garrett almost kiss.

The three masked figures have Cricket’s missing boots and they throw them in the lake, landing against a severed hand holding a baby bottle. It was Blotter’s hand (so he’s dead). Garrett finds a journal entry talking about the Tall Man (whose name is Holyoke) and what his followers did.

Deb is still clutching that box and there is a mask in her closet. The three masked figures are Damon and his two friends. They do a ritual that involves the deer heart, the bones of Holyoke, and a lock of Cricket’s hair. They stab the deer heart and start chanting something.

Amy is in the lake, getting a volleyball when blood starts boiling around her and there is a sudden storm. She is struck by lightning.

My Thoughts:

I really liked the whole insight we got into who Cricket is. I also really liked that she finally realized what a tool Alex was and pushed him away. I loved the masked figures. They were deliciously creepy and seriously scared the ever living crap out of me every time they showed up. That ending though. When it was over, I was like, “WHAT. THAT CAN’T BE THE END OF THE EPISODE. THAT IS NOT THE END OF THE EPISODE.” It definitely took me by surprise. I am super interested in learning more about what Damon and his friends are up to. The suspense is killing me!

What was your favorite scene in this episode? Mine was probably the nightmare that Cricket had about being involved in a ritual with the masked figures. It was super creepy and I loved it! But that is going to be it for this review. Thank you all so much for reading this, I hope you enjoyed it, and I will see you next time.


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