Dead of Summer TV Review | Episode 4

Hello! I just finished watching episode 4 and wow. A ton of things happened in that episode. But it was so good! I’m sure you all know the drill by now. Its a horror show about a camp in 1989. Just go watch it. You will not be sorry. I would give this episode a 98.5% because it was just as good as last week, maybe even a little bit better. This episode was deliciously creepy and I loved it.

That is the end of the non-spoilery section, so if you haven’t seen this show, you should leave or you will get spoiled for the events of this fourth episode. If you have seen this episode, keep reading and we can discuss it!



Amy Hughes: I still think she is a nice girl who wants to figure out what the hell is going on at the Camp and it was super creepy and weird that she was possessed and whatever possessed her had her kiss Garrett. But as for her personality, she is your average girl trying to make friends.

Joel Goodson: I can’t believe he actually had sex with someone twice his age. But we still haven’t gotten to know him well at all. I know he is super friendly and is attached to the hip with his camera, but we don’t really know much about him at all.

Alex Powell: While I do like that he is on board with the visions and the creepy crap going on around the camp, I still think he’s an asshat trying to get into Cricket’s pants.

Carolina Diaz: Not a lot has changed since she is still freaked out about the masks and the figures and her boots mysteriously showing up. But she is actively trying to figure out what the hell is going on.

Blair Ramos: He disappointed me this episode. He is a great friend and a great listener and he preached about being accepted and coming out as who you truly are, but when Drew told him who he really was, he didn’t accept him. He ran. I am so not on his side right now and it will be a while before I am.

Jessie Tyler: While I did hate her for most of this episode, I think we are gaining a little bit of insight into who she is and when she lets you in, she is definitely a great friend and I love that she is friends with Drew now.

Drew Reeves: I loved all of the insight we got into who Drew is. We really got to see his struggle with telling people who he really was and the person that should have immediately accepted him, rejected him, which really hurt him. But the person you would think would reject him, actually accepted him. I think he’s been in pain for a while, but will eventually tell everyone who he is and they will accept him and in the process try not to get themselves killed.

Garrett Sykes: I loved his persistence in investigating everything going on and the little bit of information he gave Amy helped them in the long run. I just really like his character and I hope that his friendship/relationship with Jessie becomes repaired.

Deb Carpenter: I actually can believe she slept with a boy so much younger than her. I still think she can’t be trusted. She is shady af and I still think she has sinister motives for opening that camp.


This episode starts off with a flashback of Drew who was a little girl named Andrea. To distract themselves from worrying about Amy, everyone starts looking a camp yearbook and find Andrea in there. Amy is fine and will make a full recovery. Deb moved the masquerade ball up to that night, so everyone is trying to prepare for it.

Amy is at the Plaza with Garrett and she sees a map with a mask on it, the same mask she saw before she was struck by lightning. Drew sees some bubbling blood in the lake and goes over to it. He sees a demonic spirit of a little girl who says, “You can’t hide what you are.” and then he falls into the lake. Jessie brings him a towel and reveals that she knows he was Andrea. Drew reveals he has the court letter about her DUI that Deb doesn’t know about and unless Jessie wants everyone to know, she is to keep her mouth shut about who he is.

After looking through an old camp yearbook at Amy’s welcome back party,  Cricket flips because she sees the mask from her dream. After seeing the little girl in front of Amy at the party, Drew bolts and heads into the bathroom. He was followed by her. There is a flashback where Drew is Andrea and tries to tell his/her mom that he/she is a boy and her/his mom said that Andrea needed help.

A kid comes out of the lake carrying Cricket’s missing boots, which freaks her out. In another flashback, Drew is arguing with his mom on the fact that he (as Andrea at the time) is a boy named Drew. Meanwhile at camp, a little girl shows Drew the mask she created for the masquerade ball and he sees the face of the demonic little girl on it. Alex shows footage from Joel’s personal camera of Deb and a box she possesses to Cricket and Amy. Joel catches them and says its crazy that they would think she was suspicious.

Blair talks to Drew about coming out as gay and being his date to the masquerade ball. He gives him a mix tape of a bunch of David Bowie songs that a girl back in camp gave him to help him (and you guessed it: that girl was Andrea). Jesse threatens to show everyone this tape of Drew showering as a girl. Alex and Cricket go to find Deb’s box in her apartment while Drew is leaving camp because of Jessie.

There is another flashback in which Drew changes into boy clothes and sneaks out to go to a party at the chicago metro. His mother followed him. Deputy Sykes shows up at the Camp and Amy tells him what is going on. Cricket is freaked out about the mask in the closet and they find the box, but before they can figure out how to open it, they hear Deb coming back and she isn’t alone, so they hide. She takes the box and has Joel follow her.

At the bus station, Drew sees the demonic little girl again and then Jessie shows up and she reveals that she was totally lying about the tape. Drew reveals he was never going to tell the other counselors about her DUI. Jessie tries to talk him into coming back and it looks like they are going to be friends.

Garrett says he is going to go find Joel and that Amy should go back to the party. He also reveals to her that whoever believes in the story of the lake, is trying to raise some kind of demon. Deb takes Joel into the woods (with his camera off) and unlocks the box and opens it. She shows him a booklet (which I still wasn’t able to tell what it was). He kisses her and they start making out.

In another flashback, Drew is at the party and his mom sees him there, but sees how happy he is, so she leaves before he sees her. In present day, Drew goes back to the ball and starts making out with Blair. In another flashback, Drew’s mom finally accepts him. Deb and Joel totally have sex and Amy is in the woods, looking for Garrett when she becomes possessed. She goes to the lake and a creature is about to pull her into the water when Garrett finds her. She kisses him and then she snaps out of the possession with no recollection of what happened.

Drew is in the bathroom and he sees the little girl, who turns out to be him when he was Andrea. In another flashback, Drew comes home to find his mother left him and didn’t really accept him. When he goes back to Blair, he sees the little girl and she goes away when he tells Blair who he is. Blair runs off and when Drew cries, Jessie comforts him.

My Thoughts:

This episode was so good! There was definitely a whole lot more horror elements than they have been having for the past few episodes and I really enjoyed that. This is definitely my favorite episode thus far because I really enjoyed learning about Drew’s past. It was super interesting and also heartbreaking at the end when Blair broke his heart. I really love the budding friendship between Drew and Jessie even if they started out being nasty to one another. The horror elements were on point and I just enjoyed the general direction the story seems to be taking. A fabulous episode!

What was one thing that disappointed you the most with this episode? I was really disappointed when Blair preached about being accepted when he did not accept Drew at all. It just felt super hypocritical to me. But that is going to be it for this review today. Thank you all so much  for reading this, I hope you enjoyed it, and I will see you next time.


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