Dead of Summer TV Review | Episode 5

Hello! The fifth episode just premiered and it was without a doubt the best one yet. There were so many horror elements and it brought so many things to the table for the show. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. If you have been ignoring my raving for the past few weeks and don’t know what this show is about, it is a horror show, a new one on Freeform, set at Camp Stillwater in 1989. It is fabulous and I definitely recommend that you at least watch the pilot episode. I gave this episode a 99% on my scale.

That is the end of the non-spoilery section, so if you haven’t seen this show, you should leave or you will get spoiled for the events of this fifth episode. If you have seen this episode, keep reading and we can discuss it!



Amy Hughes: In this episode, we really got to see how much she cared for the people around her. She was super worried about Joel and even gave him great advice about going after what he wants.

Joel Goodson: I loved how much we got to know him in this episode. We saw how Holyoke drove his brother to kill himself and how that impacted Joel, especially since he is now seeing Holyoke just like his father was. We saw how he really does need his friends and how their support is what is going to carry him through this.

Alex Powell: I am a teeny bit more on his side. I think he really liked Cricket and really was trying to go on a real actual date with her (but before he was still trying to get into her pants; he’s just decided to date her first). I feel sorry for him with how she died.

Carolina Diaz: I loved how she stood her ground against Alex’s advances, but also decided to give him a second chance. Or at least she was on her way to do that when she was killed. AND I AM STILL SO PISSED ABOUT THIS. SHE WAS LIKE ONE OF MY FAVORITE CHARACTERS AND SHE WAS KILLED OFF *frustrated Allie noises*

Blair Ramos: We didn’t see much of him in this episode, but he did try to apologize to Drew, but Drew was not having it, which I actually commend. I wouldn’t let a hypocrite who hurt try to make it better with half-assed apologies either.

Jessie Tyler: I loved seeing the dynamic between her and Garrett, though I am still frustrated that she thinks nothing is going on. I do think she will change her tune though when she finds out that Cricket is dead.

Drew Reeves: We didn’t see much of him this episode, but I liked how he was encouraging the relationship between Cricket and Alex and also stood his ground around Blair’s half-assed apology.

Garrett Sykes: I loved how we learned more about his dad, how he was investigating the same thing that Garrett is now. I also loved seeing the dynamic between him and Jessie. They work well together.

Deb Carpenter: I still don’t trust her. I think she is still a pretty shady character, even if she isn’t really into Joel.


The episode begins with a flashback of Joel when he was a kid, right before his big brother was going to prom. His brother gives him his favorite shirt and appears to be seeing something that isn’t there. In present day, the whole camp is hiking on a trail and they are going to camp and stay there overnight. Joel talks about how he and Deb hooked up and Joel sees a vision of Amy bloody and dead with Holyoke behind her.

In another flashback, Joel finds his brother dead, having killed himself in the bathtub (with a razor blade). On the wall, in his blood, his brother wrote, “He will never leave me alone.” Back in present day, Deb acts like nothing happened between her and Joel, which confuses him. In another flashback, while he is being fitted for Prom, he sees Holyoke. In present day, Joel sees Holyoke who tells him to kill Amy or someone else will die.

Because of this, Joel becomes paranoid about her safety. For instance, when they need more food, he won’t let Amy be the one to go get it, so Jessie and Drew go. Holyoke continues to harass Joel about killing Amy. Deb continues to act like nothing happened, which leads me to believe that it is all in his head.

On their way down to get the food, Drew and Jessie run into Garrett and Drew goes on ahead while Jessie and Garrett check out the abandoned cabin. They find an old creepy doll, a 17th Century recorder with the name Holyoke inscribed on it and an old cuff link that belonged to Garrett’s father.

Joel continues to be paranoid as Holyoke harasses him, saying that no one is safe until Joel kills Amy. And no one is because a little girl with asthma, Francie, is having trouble breathing and can’t find her inhaler, so Joel volunteers in place of Amy to go look for it. Meanwhile in the cabin, Jessie and Garrett play the recording of Holyoke telling his followers to take this potion, essentially telling them to kill themselves.

In a flashback at Prom, Joel sees Holyoke and ends up nearly beating his girlfriend’s best friend’s boyfriend to death, thinking he is Holyoke. In present day, he finds the little girl’s inhaler and Amy shows up. He takes his knife out because she scared him (and he’s super jumpy) and he sees Holyoke behind her. Joel turns the knife to himself just like his brother did, but Amy stops him.

In a flashback at Prom, Joel’s girlfriend is telling him that she wants him to open up to her and she will never treat him like a freak. He pushes her away and breaks up with her. With almost all of the other counselors, minus Cricket and Alex (Cricket went off to meet with Alex for a date), Joel tells them about how he has been seeing this man and about what happened to his brother.

Jessie comes back with the picture of Holyoke and it is revealed that he is the man he and Anton have been seeing. Anton says that Holyoke said Joel should have killed Amy when he had the chance. When Cricket is on her way to meet Alex, a masked figure shoves her onto a bear trap, killing her.

My Thoughts:

I really found it interesting all we found out about Joel. He puts up a super good front when he is dealing with a ton of crap. I found it interesting that everything that happened between him and Deb was all in his head. This episode was deliciously creepy and horrific, and it was just a really good episode. I did not see that ending coming and I am still pissed off. Cricket was one of my favorite characters in the show and now she is dead. I guess Holyoke wanted to get his point across that when he says that someone will die, he totally meant it, which begs the question of what else he has in store for Anton and Joel. I think it is going to be very hard to top this episode.

What was your biggest shocker with this episode? Mine was definitely Cricket dying/being murdered. It just completely took me by surprise. I didn’t see that coming at all. But that is going to be it for this review today. Thank you all so much for reading this, I hope you enjoyed it, and I will see you next time.




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