Book Review: “A Court of Mist and Fury” by Sarah J. Maas

Hello! So today we will be discussing one of the most hyped up books going around Bookstagram and Booktube right now. A Court of Mist and Fury is the sequel to A Court of Thorns and Roses, which is a book that I absolutely loved. The first book was a retelling of Beauty and the Beast and this one was a retelling of Hades and Persephone. I really enjoyed this and on my scale, I would give this a 97%. Let me just say that this is a New Adult book. It isn’t YA. There are sex scenes throughout the course of this tome. If you feel uncomfortable with that topic or are not mature enough to handle it, do not read this book. And that’s all I can say for the nonspoilery section. Go read this and come back and then we can discuss it. Goodbye for now!

***Warning: This review contains spoilers. If you wish to not know what goes on throughout this book, read the synopsis and don’t read any other part of this review.***


“Feyre survived Amarantha’s clutches to return to the Spring Court—but at a steep cost. Though she now has the powers of the High Fae, her heart remains human, and it can’t forget the terrible deeds she performed to save Tamlin’s people.

Nor has Feyre forgotten her bargain with Rhysand, High Lord of the feared Night Court. As Feyre navigates its dark web of politics, passion, and dazzling power, a greater evil looms—and she might be key to stopping it. But only if she can harness her harrowing gifts, heal her fractured soul, and decide how she wishes to shape her future—and the future of a world cleaved in two.”


Feyre: She really grew on me as a character throughout this novel. She went through so much character development. She finally admitted that Tamlin was horrible to her and that its okay to like Rhys. She really gained a sense of who she is and that she is strong and can do whatever the hell she wants to.

Rhys: We get to know him so much better in this novel. Rhys is caring and is willing to do anything to save his people from harm. He has been in love with Feyre for a long time, before she was even in Prythian. He is such a caring person, but has to put on a mask of a monster for everyone. He has been through so much and cares about his people so much and that is why he is my favorite character of this series.

Tamlin: he was a good guy in the last book. Now he is a freaking asshole. I hate him and want him to die. He is working with the worst person in the entire world and he sees nothing wrong with that. He’s a territorial bastard who thinks only of himself, he fakes humility, and is willing to do anything to get what he wants and that’s what scares me.

Lucien: As much as I hate what he did, I actually really do like Lucien. I loved his friendship with Feyre in the last novel and how he was willing to break the rules to do the right thing. Now his undying loyalty to Tamlin is a problem. He doesn’t try to stop Tamlin from making a huge mistake. He sees how badly Tamlin treats Feyre and he does nothing. I think he needs a reality check and needs to wake and see what he and Tamlin are doing is wrong.

Amren: she is badass and I freaking love her. She’s so different from all of the other characters. I really like her strange friendship with Feyre and I know she definitely cares about them. When she was so pissed that Feyre didn’t come back and wanted them to immediately go get her, that touched my heart and it really was proof that she loves all of them in her own way.

Cassian: As tough and scary as he seems to other people, he is one of my favorite characters. He is very humorous and cares about all of them. He is willing to die for Feyre, which really touched my heart. I love him and if he dies in the next novel, I am going to be SO PISSED OFF. DON’T TOUCH MY BABY.

Azriel: Even though he says very little, I think he truly cares about Mor and I would like to see a bit more interaction between the two. He can be scary to other people, but I know he really cares about Rhys and it pains me that he thinks he isn’t worthy of anything, especially to be with Mor.

Morrigan: She is definitely my favorite female character of this series. She’s badass, a great listener, and an all around fabulous best friend. I love the friendship between her and Feyre. It was so believable and genuine and I think she’s a positive force in Feyre’s sea of darkness.


The story starts off with Feyre having a nightmare about killing the fae; she is essentially killing herself in it. She wants to go to the village to help repair the city, but Tamlin won’t let her go. He leaves and it is revealed he proposed a few months ago. She’s working on these wedding arrangments with this priestess named Ianthe who is friends with Tamlin. I immediately didn’t trust her. She tells Ianthe everything (family, where they live and whatnot).

There’s a sexy time between Feyre and Tamlin, which I felt kind of ‘meh’ about because I am a Rhys shipper. #Feyrhys5ever. Anyway, moving on, Feyre convinces Lucien to take her to the village. None of the workers end up letting her help them, so she ends up going back to the house. There’s a party, which Feyre is miserable being at, and Ianthe is being a bit of a slut. That night Feyre has the same nightmare again.

The wedding is the next day and from the start, I was like, “There is no possible way this wedding is going to happen.” And then I started thinking more and more about it, and I was like, “Watch Rhys crash the party.” And I don’t think I mentioned this, but he hadn’t collected on that bargain in three months, so I was just waiting for him to pop up and take her away. I felt accomplished when that is exactly what happened. Technically, she was unintentionally shouting down through the bargain bond that she wanted someone to save her. So he just obliged her.

He ends up taking her to the Night Court. She gets mad and throws her shoes at him, which I found incredibly hilarious. I laughed out loud. She goes up to her room and sleeps. The next morning, she has breakfast with him and he tells her he wants her to learn to shield her mind and to read.

We end up meeting Morrigan who I immediately loved. I knew she would end up being a close friend to Feyre. She was spunky and sassy and badass and I really loved her character. We end up learning of how the King of Hybern wishes to bring down the wall and invade the mortal lands.

She goes back to the Spring Court and is interrogated by Tamlin and Lucien. Tamlin refuses to let her train, to help her use her powers. This pissed me off to no end. He is literally suffocating her, controlling her and I did not like that at all. There is a scene where Feyre tells him that having all of these guards around her 24/7 is drowning her, he makes the library explode and the only reason she’s okay, is she made a shield around herself.

He ends up loosening up on the guards a little bit. Rhysand comes and takes her back to the Night Court where she does literally nothing for an entire week before she goes back and the guards are back in full force. So he leaves and literally TRAPS HER IN THE EFFING HOUSE WITH AN INVISIBLE SHIELD. We’re talking about locking a girl suffering from severe PTSD that involves being terrified of being in confined spaces. HE’S A FREAKING IDIOT.

So she has a panic attack. And that’s it. That’s the last straw. Morrigan rescues her and takes her to the Night Court where she sleeps. When she wakes up, she decides she is not going back. She goes with Rhys to Velaris, the City of Starlight. This city is gorgeous and I love it. She sleeps while he meets with some people.

The next day she goes into the city with him and the reason it remains untouched is because it was kept a secret from everyone. This is the reason he became Amarantha’s whore. He wanted to protect this city and its people.

There’s a dinner party at the House of Wind where we meet Amren (she’s badass and interesting and I love her), Cassian (who I immediately loved), and Azriel (who I really liked). We learn that the King is planning on raising Jurian from the dead. Feyre and Rhys will go to the Prison to talk to the Bone Carver for answers on if its possible to raise someone from the dead using only an eyeball and a bone finger.

Amren gave Feyre this amulet to wear, saying it will help her get out (which we know of course isn’t true; she was just helping Feyre to not be so terrified). So they see the Bone Carver (he looks like a little boy to Feyre, which was pretty creepy) and he tells them it can be done, yes, but it would need to be done by the Cauldron, and it would need to be complete; the Cauldron is missing its feet. The King (of course) has the Cauldron, which can shatter the wall. The Book of Breathings contains the spells to negate the power of the Cauldron. It was broken into seven peces, one of which one High Lord has possession of, and the other six belong to the six mortal queens.

It can only negate the power of the Cauldron if its in the hands of something reforged (like Feyre). So they go back and Feyre will need to test her powers to see if she can track it, so they will be going to the Weaver’s Trove to find an object that Rhys lost. They all will talk to the human queens about getting the pieces to the Book of Breathings at Feyre’s family’s estate.

They go to the Weaver’s Trove and Feyre finds the object, a ring, and gets out of there alive (barely) and they go back to Velaris. Feyre starts training on shielding her mind with Rhys and after letting her into his mind, he shuts her into a memory of Ianthe trying to seduce Rhys (blechhh. I hate that woman.), but he rejects her in every way, so she now despises him (because he wouldn’t sleep with her. I think that speaks to her level of maturity…).

So they go to her family’s estate and convince them to let them use it for the meeting. Rhys is training Feyre outside the estate, trying to get her to light a candle. She’s left alone and what do you know? The Attor tries to capture her, but she is saved by Rhys who questions it. The King wants Feyre and there is an army coming. She’s pissed that he used her as bait, so she successfully winnows and tackles him. She then goes in the house.

They go home and Rhys reveals that Tamlin has completely shut his borders. So she writes a letter to Tamlin, saying that she’s safe, she left of her own free will, and she isn’t coming back. She is training with Cassian (physically as much as with weapons).

Rhys announces that he, Feyre and Amren will be going to the Summer Court to retrieve the piece of the Book. So they go and the High Lord is actually really nice, which makes what happened that much sadder. The High Lord, Tarquin, gives a tour of their valuables and gives her a black jeweled necklace, which is a family heirloom. She knows the piece isn’t there.

Feyre figures out the piece is hidden in the old building outback. That night, Amren and Feyre get into the building when Feyre shapeshifts into Tarquin and unlocks the door. They get the box with the piece in it, but the Book knows she isn’t Tarquin, so an alarm is set off and water fills the entire place. Some water wraiths saved them (because she helped their sister early on in the book). So they get out and go back to the Night Court.

Feyre opens the book it is written in the Holy Tongue, the language from wherever Amren is from. Rhys is sulking because 3 blood rubies were sent from the Summer Court, meaning there is a price on all of their heads.

They meet with the Queens who are raging bitches that desire proof that Rhys really wants peace before they will even consider handing over their pieces. They realize the only way they can do that is showing them Velaris through the truth talisman at the Court of Nightmares that Mor’s dad presides over.

So they go and everyone is scared shitless because of Rhys. Feyre is to play the part of his whore, plaything, distraction. This is a very sexy scene and I was muttering, “Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh…” over and over during it. I literally thought they were about to have sex in front of everyone it was that intense. So much sexual tension!

After they get the truth talisman, they go home and Rhys avoids her for a few days. Starfall happens in Velaris and Rhys and Feyre dance (Yes, I was squealing and flailing around like a retarded seal in this scene).

They go to this Illyrian war camp. The next morning, Mor is gone and Rhys and Feyre go to the forest to practice magic. Feyre is cornered by four Spring Court Sentinels and Lucien. She states that he is not going home and shapeshifts Illyrian wings onto her back (this was so badass and I loved it). She hands Lucien his ass and it was GLORIOUS.

The inn scene happens. You all know what scene I am talking about. It was hot and steamy. So the next day they train and travel. Rhys is shot whilst holding Feyre by a bunch of poisonous ash arrows and they go down. I think it is important to mention that during this scene, I out loud yelled, “NOT RHYS YOU BITCH.”

Feyre uses the powers of darkness, shapeshifting, winnowing and tracking to try to find him, which she does. He is being tortured by fae that work for the King of Hybern, so she kills them all. She winnows her and Rhys to a cave and starts cutting out the seven arrows in his wings.

To learn how to heal him, she captures the Suriel, learns her blood is the cure and that she and Rhys are mates. After she heals him, he admits it and she shuts him out, ordering him to take her back to the Illyrian war camp and he does. Mor then takes her to the House of Mist where she stays for 5 days.

Personally, I feel Feyre overreacted. It really annoyed me with how pissed off and cold she acted towards him. You know you’re in love with the bastard. Just stop pretending, Feyre. Goodness…

Anyway, so to appease her absolute boredom, she paints the entire living room. And Rhys shows up at the door. He reveals, after she offers to cook him food, that offering a fae male food means she is accepting the mating bond. While she cooks, he tells her everything and this just brought tears to my eyes. How through everything, he really loved her. When he explained everything he did for her, it just gave me happy tears.

So after everything has been said, she gives him the bowl of soup and accepts the mating bond. So they consummate the mating bond…several times. The next day, they go back to the Illyrian war camp to meet with the others. To rid him of his edginess, Cassian baits Rhys and they fight for about an hour.

They winnow to Velaris and everyone bows to Feyre, saying, “We will serve and protect”, which I know is a very heartfelt scene, but I did find it a little comical, just because I know that is the motto of law enforcement. Have I mentioned how obsessed I am with Criminal Minds?

So they meet the Queens and show them Velaris and they still refuse to give them an answer because they’re a bunch of little bitches. The golden queen leaves behind a box that has the pieces in there. They go back to Velaris.

Rhys is away at the Court of Nightmares and the King of Hybern sends an army of Attors to destroy Velaris (the human Queens told him about it; I knew it was a bad idea…). The Golden Queen is killed. Feyre is a badass and kills most of the army by making her own army of water wolves. She winnows into the sky to fight the escaping Attor. She kills it and reunites with Rhys who was worried sick and it touched my heart.

Amren finishes interpeting the pieces of the Book of Breathings and learns how to nullify the power of the Cauldron. So they have a crazy-ass plan to nullify the power of the Cauldron. While Rhys stays outside the castle, Mor, Ariel, Cassian, and Feyre go into the castle, Feyre finds and breaks the Cauldron and Rhys winnows them back to Velaris. Simple, right?

Before they execute the plan (I’m sorry; every time I see that, I think, “Feyre and Rhys put the cute in execute), Feyre moves into Rhys’s room and he gives her the wedding ring she got from the Weaver.

They get into the castle and find the Cauldron. It and the Book of Breathings control Feyre into putting the pieces of the Book of Breathings together. Rhys shows up and so does a newly resurrected Jurian. The King did a spell to nullify their magic, so they are trapped. Azriel is shot in the chest with a poisoned ash arrow and he will die unless they do as the King says.

It is revealed that Tamlin and Lucien have been working with the King of Hybern. Please pardon my french, but my exact reaction was, “WHAT THE FUCK. NO. HELL TO THE NO.” Tamlin wants Feyre back so badly, he made a deal with the devil. He made a deal that if the King would bring him Feyre and he would destroy the bargain bond, he would allow the King to pass through his lands. TAMLIN, WTF ARE YOU DOING. YOU ARE AN EFFING IDIOT.

Feyre’s bound and gagged sisters are brought in and it is revealed that the bitch Ianthe sold them out to the King. Like I said, I DON’T TRUST THE SLUT FOR A SECOND. And I was right. The mortal Queens are there and the demonstration for them to be Immortal is Elaine and Nesta who are forced into the Cauldron. They both become Immortal and Elaine is actually Lucien’s mate. I really loved Nesta’s reaction. She’s like, “Get away from her! She’s not anything you just said.” but in a more eloquent way. I just found this hilarious.

Feyre unleashed a light that actually comes from the Court of Dreams that severed all of the wards. She pretends that everything with the mating bond was a lie (this is the point when I started hysterically crying). She goes with Tamlin and the King of Hybern severs the mating bond (I had to stop reading and scream into a pillow lest I throw this book across the room; the urge was there).

Rhysand and all of his Inner Circle winnow back to Velaris, along with Nesta and Elaine. We go into Rhys’s POV where we learn the bargain bond was the bond severed and the night before all of this went down, a high priestess had made Feyre the High Lady of the Night Court. Feyre is a spy who is going to bring down everything from within.

We switch back to Feyre’s POV and she is being a phenomenal actress. Lucien is suspicious, but knows he can do nothing because Rhysand has his mate. Feyre isn’t going to be locked away again. She’ll know all of their plans and relay them to Rhys through the bond. She’s pretty smug about the fact they just led the High Lady of the Night Court into enemy lands and they have no idea of the damage she will cause.

And that is pretty much the end of the book.

My Theories:

In the next book, I definitely think we are going to see how far Tamlin has gone off the deep end. We will see (eventually) Feyre reunited with Rhys and we will (hopefully) see the King of Hybern handed his ass on a silver blood-coated platter by Feyre. We will probably see how far Lucien will go to get his mate back and we will see how far everyone will go to survive.

My Thoughts:

OH. MY. GOD. THIS BOOK. This book really broke me. I am still sobbing uncontrollably while I am writing this review. But let’s get the usual stuff out of the way. I (as always) loved the writing style and writing itself. Every decision in this novel made sense, which I really appreciated. The characters went through drastic changes throughout this tome. Characters I loved, I now hate. And characters I hated I now love. I love almost every character that was introduced, the story line was sexy and badass and heartbreaking and everything I could ever want in this sequel. That being said, I did not see that ending coming. I didn’t. And now my eyes are so swollen from crying, its pretty hard to keep them open. I actually really understand the ending in all seriousness, though. It totally makes sense and I like it even if it did cause me emotional and mental trauma. This is probably one of my favorite books of all time now and I am so unbelievably excited for Book 3!

5/5 hearts

I am curious: What do you think the next book will bring to the table? And who do you want to be endgame? (Yes, I actually know people who are Tamlin shippers 5ever) Rhysand or Tamlin? I am obviously Team Rhys all the way. I do not like Tamlin (which sucks because I was Team Tamlin in the last book). And that is going to be it for this review today. Thank you so much for reading this, I hope you enjoyed it, and I will see you next time.


5 thoughts on “Book Review: “A Court of Mist and Fury” by Sarah J. Maas

  1. “Feyre and Rhys put the cute in execute.” Omg, I can’t get over this quote! 😀
    I also went from Tamlin to Rhys in a heartbeat. There is so much more to him than we see in the first book. The same goes for Tam. He has most certainly gone off the deep end in an attempt to be the controlling ex(though not in his mind)-boyfriend.
    I love your theories and hope they all happen. But, true to Sarah J. Maas style, I believe she will thrown in more curveballs before your predictions come true.
    Sarah J, Maas is one of my fav authors; I will auto-buy any book with her name on it. I will always recommend her novels.
    Great review!
    Jessica @ Pore Over the Pages

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, Sarah has the tendency to completely throw me off. I still haven’t read Queen of Shadows (*shrinks back in shame*) and I just got it, so I am very nervous about it, but I also just want to know what happens next! If you read QOS, what did you think of it?


      1. I have read Queen of Shadows, the moment it came out actually. I am anxiously waiting for Empire of Storms.
        I loved the ending of QoS. I have so many hopes for the next book.
        Overall, there is some secrecy and troubling developments with Choal, Manon, the King of Adarlan, etc.. There is a new enemy more potently revealed.
        Celaena embraces her identity as Aelin, which changes her = serious character development. This book is almost completely different from all of the other books, the evolution is sudden and astounding.
        I would read it, because most people both love and hate it. There is so much growth which is important to the plot and intro to EoS.
        Let me know what you think if/when you pick it up!

        Liked by 1 person

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