Dead of Summer TV Review | Episode 10

Hello! I finally got around to watching the season finale of Dead of Summer! A lot of people think this could be the show’s one and only season and to be honest, I don’t completely disagree. Most of the characters have been killed off and they wrapped up the show, really. I don’t think it needs to have another season. Its like a standalone books. Sometimes it only needs to tell the story once. But anyway, you should probably already know what this show is about. Its a horror show on Freeform that is phenomenal. That is pretty much all you need to know. Its set in 1989 and crazy shit goes down in this summer camp. If you’re uncomfortable with sacrifice and the topic of satanism, this probably isn’t the show for you, but if you are totally okay with that sort of thing, feel free to watch the show. I ended up giving this episode a 94%. It wasn’t my favorite episode, but it was still really good.

That is the end of the non-spoilery section, so if you haven’t seen this show, you should leave or you will get spoiled for the events of this tenth episode. If you have seen this episode, keep reading and we can discuss it!



Amy Hughes: She was a full on psychopath in this episode, but she didn’t really scare me at all. I liked her better in the last episode. She was more interesting to me for some reason.

Alex Powell: I really liked how we saw what he was willing to do for Jessie. He sacrificed himself so she could get away and that really increased my opinion of him a lot.

Blair Ramos: I really love how he just immediately came back to the danger to help his friends. We just really got to see him help save his friends and be part of the action, which was refreshing.

Jessie Tyler: We got to see a different side of her. First, we saw how much she cared about Sykes and loved him. We also got to see the lengths she would go to to save the camp and save her friends. It was super nice to see.

Drew Reeves: Similar to Blair, I love how we got to see him come immediately back to camp to help his friends, no matter what kind of danger it ended up being. We just really got to see him help save his friends and be part of the action, which was refreshing.

Garrett Sykes: It was so sad that he ended up dying because he was literally my fave. I really love how we got to see how much he cared about Jessie and how far he was willing to go to help save the camp and those kids.


The episode starts right where the last one left off. Amy is cleaning off he face and reminiscing about killing Deb. Outside, Jessie is going through footage that Joel shot with his camera. She comes across a section where it is just black. She figures it is just a glitch and Amy comes outside, all the blood gone. They leave, but are stopped by a force. The car just stops and they learn that Malphas is still inside of Amy and a small part of Holyoke’s soul is inside Jessie.

Malphas/Amy (the line between those two is so blurry Amy and Malphas are pretty much the same now) states she wants to destroy the last part of Holyoke’s soul. Suddenly a dead Joel and Cricket are backing her up, so Jessie, Alex and Sykes all run. In a flashback, Sykes is dreaming about his dad saying that nothing happens by accident and then he wakes up. This was one day before the counselors arrived.

Back in present day, Jessie, Alex and Sykes shut themselves in a cabin. They find the dead bodies of that girl and Deb. Amy crashes through a window and tackles Sykes. He fends her off and they all run. By the bus, Blair and Drew make it to the bus stop with the kids and Anton tells them it isn’t over, the others need their help, and they need to go back.

A piece of glass is stuck in Sykes’ side, slowing them down. He forces them to leave him behind. Jessie gives him a goodbye kiss and leaves. Sykes takes out his gun and while they are running, Jessie and Alex hear gunshots. In a flashback, Blair is washing the word “Homo” off of his car. Cricket comes over and gives him chocolate to help him feel better. They talk about their plans to go on a road trip after camp, which is super depressing when you think about it. She died, so they can’t do that.

Back in present day, Blair calls the cops to help them at camp. Alex and Jessie make a plan to go to Holyoke’s cabin and get the pure water to fight Malphas. Jessie’s name is whispered around them and they find Blotter’s head hanging. He opens his eyes and says, “You’re going to die.” The cops come to the camp and Amy plays the victim card. Alex and Jessie make it to the cabin and find the water, but blood boils in it, making it impure.

Amy impersonates the cop over the intercom, leading Alex and Jessie right into her trap. It is revealed she killed all of the cops. They go back to running. In another flashback, Alex’s mom finds the stolen clothes and they argue. Back in present day, Alex and Jessie are surrounded. Jessie runs and Alex fights. Amy then kills him.

In another flashback, Jessie is packing for camp and actually packs her mom’s clothes. She reveals she got into that college. The guy her mom is with actually ends up driving her to camp. Back in present day, Jessie locks herself in the bathroom. Amy breaks in and starts looking for her. She is hiding in a bathroom stall and to escape Amy, climbs up to the ceiling rafters, leading Amy away.

When she gets out of the bathroom, Sykes, Blair and Drew find her. They all go to a cabin, waiting for Amy to bust in. She does and gets caught in a circle of the last of the purified water because there was some left in a canteen when they were trying to get Malphas out of her the last time. Sykes tries to play Holyoke’s hymn, but it won’t play because Amy got her hands on it before they left, erasing it.

A dead Joel, Cricket and Deb all get inside, trying to corner them. Sykes ends up finding the hymn recorded on the black section of the video from the beginning. He plays it and despite being seriously wounded by it, Amy manages to pull Jessie into the circle. Jessie manages to get her hands on the axe Amy was using and slams it into Amy’s head. Amy’s blood goes into the canteen while Holyoke’s soul goes into the lake, purifying it.

Out of the cabin, the remaining counselors see the spirits of their dead friends in the lake (this would be Blotter, Cricket, Joel, Deb, and Alex). They go into the light. We find out that Sykes actually is dead and his ghost has been with them because he died when they left him where he was stabbed. Jessie kisses him. Jessie gets back to Drew and Blaire and they leave the camp. Sykes goes into the light with his dad and becomes the new protector of the lake.We see how they all end up. Jessie goes off to college while Blaire and Drew go to a David Bowie concert in Seattle.

The episode ends with the for sale sign being up on the camp.

My Thoughts:

While I didn’t enjoy this episode quite as much as I did the last episode, I did still really enjoy it. I was so sad when Sykes was dead. He was literally my favorite character. I definitely didn’t think that Jessie would live. I thought she would die. I for some ungodly reason also thought that Amy would live. It sort of disappointed me when she died. It was pretty cool, though, how Jessie embedded that axe in her head. I really enjoyed how the plot line really wrapped up, though I did think seeing how they turned out, the way it was done, was a little bit on the cheesy side. It was nice seeing all of the other dead characters, even if they were dead monsters that Malphas was controlling. But nonetheless, I really liked this finale. The character development was on point and everything was just deliciously creepy. It was so good!

And that is the end of this review! Were you surprised that Sykes ended up being killed off? Comment down below! And that is going to be it for this post today. Thank you all so much for reading this, I hope you enjoyed this, and I will see you next time!


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