Me Before You Movie Review!

Hello! I finally did it. I finally got around to watching the movie. And I really liked it. I don’t know if this is surprising at all since you all should know I was like the only person on the planet apparently that did not like the book. Its not that I hated it. I just felt very “meh” about it. If you are interested in knowing more about the book and my spoiler-free thoughts, here is my review. And while I wasn’t a huge fan of the book, I loved the movie. A lot of the problems I had with the book, they seemed to fix in the movie, which I will go more into. Overall, I would give this movie a 95% on my scale. This review will definitely have spoilers (both for the movie and the book), so if you don’t want to be spoiled, I don’t suggest you stay.

WARNING: This review contains spoiler for all things Me Before You. Read at your own risk.


The movie starts off with the accident, of course. I couldn’t hardly watch it at all. And Louisa is laid off from her job. We get to see her unique clothing and I loved it because at times, it was hard to picture in the book, but I feel like it was really on point in the film. Also, we meet Patrick, who wasn’t that bad in the beginning, though I still did not like him. But I love his actor because he played Neville in the Harry Potter movie franchise!

Anyway, so Louisa goes to look for a job and lands an interview for a job to care for Mrs. Trainor’s son will who is paralyzed from the neck down. Her skirt splits because her mother made her wear her clothes and they didn’t fit. It was just as hilarious as it was in the book. She meets Will who tries to freak her out and is an asshole to her. He pretty much makes her life miserable and she confides in her sister about this. This was one thing they changed that I actually really liked. I hated the story line in the book where her sister was being a bitch about her taking her room (a story line that also doesn’t make it into the film), but they fixed it because in the film, her sister is her best friend, someone who she can go to for anything.

Louisa ends up finding out about why she was actually there, which is to make him happy enough to not want to go through with Assisted Suicide. Her sister tells her that she should make the next few months the best in his life to try to get him to want to live. So that’s what she does. She takes him to a horse race (this was a bad idea on all levels) for the first thing. I liked this scene way better in the movie than in the book. This scene pissed me off so much in the book because Will was a complete asshole to her in the book. In the movie, not so much. He was pretty understanding and even a little kind.

After this idea was a disaster, she ends up taking him to this concert (the classical music kind), and that was way more of a success. He enjoyed it and so did she. It really built up their bond for one another and there was a scene where she bit off the tag of his jacket in front of everyone and it was hilarious. And the birthday party scene was my very favorite. Patrick was very jealous of the fact that she was taking care of Will, which I found funny, and while Patrick gave her this stupid necklace with his name in a heart, Will gave her something she would actually wear, her precious bumblebee tights. She was so excited and so happy and it was just a beautiful scene.

I forgot to mention earlier that Will’s best friend and his ex-girlfriend came to visit and announced they were getting married. I hate the both of them. He was invited to the wedding and decides he wants to go, so he and Louisa go. They have a fantastic time. Louisa was so drunk and she dances with Will. It was very cute and I freaking loved this scene.

So he actually gets sick when they get back with pneumonia and when he is better, they go on this vacation and he has tons of fun. He actually got Louisa to go scuba diving and a lot of other fun things happen, but then the end of the vacation happens (oh, and they kissed, which made me squeal!). It wasn’t good. He is still going through with the Assisted Suicide, so she runs off and doesn’t talk to him at all. She goes home and tells her family. Her mom says that they are basically murdering him and she is to have nothing to do with that family.

But we know that Louisa goes anyway to be with him in his last moments. Its implied that her mother won’t forgive her for doing this and in the book, we know that her mom said this to her face. But she stays with him and they kiss and hold each other until the poison works its way through his body. At the end scene, Louisa is in Paris where Will told her to go in his final letter and he tells her live boldly. He tells her to go after her dreams and to actually live her life. And that is essentially the end of the movie.

Adaptation Changes:

If you all remember, Will’s dad was having an affair in the book. It seems they completely cut that out of the film, which is actually a good thing. It was refreshing to see two parents trying to save their kid from suicide instead of having a cheating subplot. And then you have what they changed about Louisa’s sister, Katrina. She was so annoying and a bitch, to be honest, in the book. I could not stand her in the book and she ended up being one of my least favorite characters. They changed that in the film to where they cut out the story line about Louisa taking her room. They made her a big supporter and sounding board for Louisa and her struggles and I really appreciated that.

Another thing that they changed was the horse races scene. If you remember in the book, Will was a bit of a jerk to her about it because he hated it and was pretty clear about it. That was one of my least favorite scenes of the whole book and I am so glad they cut out most of the negative part of that scene. Now, one of the most important subplots of the book, they cut out and that really upset me. The maze scene. They cut out the part where we learn that Louisa was sexually assaulted and that is definitely something that should have been put into the movie. That scene in the book is what helps us to understand Louisa a bit more. She stays in her comfort zone because she is terrified that what happened to her will happen again. It was a huge character point, and it should not have been cut from the movie.

The writers added way more comedy than there was in the book. The book, while at certain points it could be described as humorous, there was nothing that made me laugh out loud. This film made me laugh out loud. That really improved my overall enjoyment of the film and was a major reason why I loved it way more than I did the book.

My Thoughts:

I really enjoyed this movie. It was super funny and cute and romantic and gave me all the feels. I didn’t cry in the movie or the book, but I would say this is a lot better than the book, in my opinion. I actually shipped them in the movie. I did not ship them in the slightest in the book, but I don’t understand how you could not ship them in this movie. They were so cute. This movie made me literally laugh out loud. The comedy was on point and it made it not so serious. Like I didn’t like the book because there wasn’t really a ton of humor. I was pretty bland, in my opinion. All of the scenery and the writing was just so beautiful and on point. Overall, I am super happy with this adaptation! As an adaptation, I would give it a 90% and as a movie, I would give it a 95%. It was really good.

And that was my review of Me Before You! What was your favorite scene? Mine was definitely the wedding scene. That scene was so cute and funny and adorable and romantic and I loved it. And that is going to be it for this post today. Thank you all so much for reading this, I hope you enjoyed it, and I will see you next time.



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