Book Review: “Seducing the Dragon” by Jessie Donovan | Spoiler Free

Hey, guys! I finally got around to reading the next book in the Stonefire Dragons series and I really enjoyed it. I liked it better than the first book and that book was pretty rockin’ fantastic. If you aren’t aware, this is a series that centers around Dragon Shifters and them finding their mates whilst also dealing with prejudices against them mating and outside forces threatening to tear them apart. It is so good and if you want specific information on the first book, I do have a spoiler-free review up, so you should check that out.

This is an Adult series that has graphic sex scenes in it, so if you are not comfortable with that, I can’t recommend this series to you. However, if you’re totally cool with that, I highly recommend this series! This review will not spoil the events of this second book, but it will spoil the events of the first book, so if you haven’t read Sacrificed to the Dragon, I suggest you leave, read it, then come back for a little sneak peak into what the second book is about. Goodbye for now!


“On her first visit to Clan Stonefire, Department of Dragon Affairs inspector Evie Marshall has an ulterior motive—she needs to seduce its clan leader. If she can’t seduce him and become his mate, the dragon hunters will kill her. Of course, Evie doesn’t know the first thing about seducing a man, let alone a dragon-shifter, but with her life on the line, she’s going to have to become a fast learner or die trying.

Bram Moore-Llewellyn has a track record of scaring off DDA inspectors, but when the latest inspector shows up wearing tight clothes and a sexy smile, his inner dragon takes notice. While battling his attraction to the human, he soon finds himself with an impossible choice: he can either break the law to mate the female and risk a backlash from both the dragon hunters and the British government, or he can turn her away and let her die at the hands of the hunters.”

My Thoughts:

Oh my gosh this was so good. I liked this more than the first book, which I didn’t think was possible. This book just made me so happy. I freaking love Bram. He is gorgeous, respectful, sexy, dominant, caring, loving, and everything I want in a male character. He has a possessiveness that rivals that of Tristan from Sacrificed to the Dragon, the first book, which to be honest I did not think was possible. Bram treats her with respect, which I really appreciated. I also really loved Evie’s character. She is so full of sass and it was like one of my favorite things about her. I love how she always puts Bram in his place and how she is never afraid to speak her mind. She is strong, she’s beautiful, and just a great character in general.

I also really enjoyed Finaley’s character. The sass levels in this motherfucker were astronomical and I loved every scene where he was in it. He’s flirty and sexy, but is also willing to get things done. He’s willing to do whatever it takes to save those he cares about, to help those who need it. He’s an alpha, but he’s unlike any other alpha we’ve read about in the series, so I just really enjoyed his character. And I ship him hardcore with Arabella.

I also really loved seeing Melanie and Tristan again. We really get to see what someone else’s view of him is. He seems like such an asshole and in this book, Evie is curious as to why Melanie fell for him. We only got to see Melanie’s side of things last time. We see how rough around the edges he is and how fiercely protective he is of his family and his interactions with his sister, how protective of her he is. I also loved seeing the interactions between Melanie and Tristan from another person’s point of view because they are so cute and it just made my heart burst with happiness every time they interacted!

The story line was freaking fabulous. I love what Jessie does with her books. She will have two story lines working at the same time and I love that. I love the love story that is told in this book and the other story line is so kickass. So much shit goes down and you just really come to know the problem that we are introduced to in the last book, but comes full circle in this book. It was so interesting to learn about this problem and I hope this problem gets fixed and the leader of this problem dies in the fiery pits of hell.

One of my favorite parts about this story was the interactions between Bram and his dragon. The way they argue was the most hilarious thing ever. I would literally have to stop reading I was laughing so hard. It was so comical! This has always been one of my favorite things about this series.

But this has got me so excited for the next novel in this series. I know there is another novella but I am debating on reading it. The next novel for this series was introduced, I believe, in this book and it has me so excited to read it. If you haven’t picked up this book/series yet, I highly recommend that you do because it is one hell of a ride!

5/5 hearts

There you have it! That was my review of the second book in the Stonefire Dragons series. What is your favorite type of Shifter? Until this series, I would have been basic and said wolf, but this series has changed my mind and no Shifter will ever live up to the awesomeness of Dragon Shifters. And that is going to be it for this review today. Thank you all so much for reading this, I hope you enjoyed it, and I will see you next time.


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