November Owlcrate Unboxing!

Hey, guys! I am so excited to come at you with my first unboxing ever! This is the first subscription service I have ever done and I am extremely pleased with what I received! And by pleased, I mean OUT OF THIS WORLD EXCITED. Everything in the box was so fabulous and cool and beautiful and I just really loved this month’s box, as the theme was “Wonderland”, which was my main reason for getting this box. As you may or may not know, I am in love with Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. I love the whole wacky story and how completely original Alice’s character is. She gave me the courage to be myself no matter what people think. But let’s go ahead and get into the unboxing!


There were a few different little trinkets and items, all of them adorable and gorgeous. There was a magnet designed by Evie Bookish. It has Alice on the cover with the “Eat Me” cake and the “drink me” elixir along with a flamingo and some colorful plants and flowers. It says “Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality.” Its new home is my mini fridge in my dorm.

Below that is a bookmark designed by Risa Rodil that is beautifully colored with representations of things from the book. Beside of that is a pin that I assume was designed by Owlcrate with Alice falling down the rabbit hole. On the other side of the bookmark is a metal bookmark designed by Authored Adornments. It has a quote from Alice in Wonderland in it, saying, “Curiouser and Curiouser…” Of these items, I think the metal bookmark is my favorite. It is so rustic, its beautiful, and it is great quality. Love it!

Up next, you have a beautifully designed tin with freaking amazing-smelling tea made by Riddle’s Tea Shoppe. It smells very fruity and it intrigues me with what it will taste like exactly. The inside of the lid of the tin has the Cheshire cat on it with the quote, “Curiouser and curiouser…” on the tea cup he is in. I can’t stop smelling this tea, guys. Its addicting!

The next couple of items in the box were a letter from the author of the book we got in the box, which I am sure you can guess from the designs, and a book plate with a quote from the book.  In the letter, the author, Marissa Meyer, talks about where she got the idea for the book and why she fell in love with it. The quote on the book plate says, “Sometimes your heart is the only thing worth listening to.” Very happy to have the both of these!

And the one thing you have been waiting for! The book for this month (as you probably guessed) is Heartless by Marissa Meyer, but Owlcrate got an exclusive cover you won’t find anywhere else!! AND ITS BEAUTIFUL.80b7bf39457a15dd2c98ad4b99f10a351f3d5c2e4c106c5340282fe3985ac8d0

Every other cover of Heartless will be black, but this one is white. And I love it! I have been anticipating this book for so long, so I am very excited to get into this! This book, if you are not aware, is a retelling of Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland, but we follow the Queen of Hearts in this retelling. We learn her story. We will learn how she became so heartless. (I had to, guys.) In addition to the main book, we always have a beautiful book brought to us by Rock Paper Books. Its the paperback edition of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland; Its beautiful and I adore it.

But there you have it! That was my Owlcrate Unboxing. Sorry if its a bit all over the place. I’ve never really done this before. But I am curious! What’s your favorite item from this box (excluding the books)? Mine is definitely the tea. It smells so great that I know it will taste even better! And that is going to be it for this post today. Thank you all so much for reading this, I hope you enjoyed it, and I will see you next time.




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