Year In Review | Reflection of 2016

Hey, guys! I am so glad to tell you all that I am happy with what I accomplished last year. While I was anxiously waiting for the year to finally be over, it wasn’t a terrible year for me. I actually got a lot more done than I thought I did. I am very happy with what I did accomplish, even if I didn’t get everything done that I would have liked to. But let’s just go ahead and get into this Year In Review!

What Happened In 2016?

13315445_1080936211972088_7699277442026894199_n-2I graduated high school! How insane is that? I had a decent senior year, I grew closer with some of my teachers, and I graduated with a 3.8 GPA. The graduation was interesting (I won’t go into detail, but just know that Valedictorian speeches have now been banned at that high school), but more importantly, I got to spend the summer with my friends, mostly my best friend Emily (her mom practically adopted me for most of the summer). I did not read as much, but that’s okay because I got out and did things. I tried new things, and I even went to Warped Tour this summer! (Sorry, no pictures).

It was a ton of fun and I went with Emily, naturally. I got to see two of my all time favorite bands perform (Falling in Reverse and Mayday Parade), which was epic, and I got introduced to new bands (I am now completely obsessed with Against the Current). It was so cool and electrifying and I was really just loving the experience of going to a concert with non-Christian bands! (I was one of those people who has only gone to Christian concerts). I expanded my horizons and I am so happy that I did get to go.

And then I started college! I met a lot of amazing people, especially since I am in this program called the “Emerging Leaders” program. 14034763_1134740116591697_7394499697434795390_n

This is actually a picture of a lot of the Emerging Leaders during Training Week. In this program, we are basically trying to get the campus involved in a lot of events, trying to help them feel welcome to the campus, and just trying to make people love the University of Akron. It is tons of fun, and it is creating the leaders of tomorrow, so that’s a plus. Because of this program, I have mostly cured my social anxiety, I have gained a lot of friendships I wouldn’t have otherwise had, and it really helped me to be not so nervous about being on campus and being around so many people. I definitely think it grounded me and I really appreciate that.

I even did the one thing that I said I was going to do and basically everyone called my bluff on it. I became a vegetarian. This was something I had been thinking about for a while. I hate the taste of meat and it honestly makes me sick when I eat it, so I finally decided the best way for me to be healthy and happy is to cut out what is making me unhealthy and feel pretty miserable: meat. And I have never felt better. I also cut out pop, so I mainly drink water now, which has also done so much to help me not feel miserable because pop made me sick, too. Since I have cut these two things out, I rarely get stomach aches, I feel better, I have more energy, I don’t have my head aches as often anymore, and I just feel good, honestly. Becoming a vegetarian was one of the smartest things I have ever done.

But onto matters of reading, I did manage to beat my goal of reading 60 books this year by reading 67 books, which I am very pleased with.


I started my bookstagram account as well! Its something I had been thinking about for a while and I am so happy I decided to do it because I have talked to so many amazing people on there and discovered so many amazing accounts! Also, my bookstagram has improved tremendously from the start of the account to where I am now, which I am insanely proud of, and I hope to make it even better in 2017!

Last year, I set a goal to do more book reviews, make my own tags, and do more diverse posts on my blog, and I think I did a really good job in improving the types of posts I make. I did a whole shit ton of book reviews, I did make my own book tags, and I do think I did some different posts on here. I am really pleased with the direction my blog has been going in, and I am very excited to see where it can go in 2017.

Last year, I also said that I wanted to do at least one readathon in 2016 because I had never participated in one before. I am very pleased to say that I participated in five readathons in 2016! I ended up really enjoying readathons, and I am so excited to do more in the future. They are so much fun and I got a whole lot of reading done. I am so glad I pushed myself and participated in one because they are something I know I will continue to do in the future.

There were also a few books I wanted to finish in 2016, and while I didn’t get to all of them, I read some of them, and I read some books I thought I never would, so I count that as win. I finally finished reading the entire Harry Potter series! This was a huge milestone for me, and I am so happy I can say that I have read all of these amazing books. They were so good, and I am so happy I finally just finished off the series. And I read almost the entirety of the Percy Jackson series, which is a huge win because I didn’t even think I would continue on with the series after the first book. I read all of the books except for the last one, so fingers crossed I finish that one in 2017!

A goal that was more of a personal one for me, that I unfortunately did not complete was to read all of Sarah J. Maas’s books. But even though I didn’t read all of her books that she’s published, I am really pleased with the amount of books by her that I have read. I started off the year with not having read any of her books and this year, I managed to read the first three books in the Throne of Glass series, A Court of Thorns and Roses, A Court of Mist and Fury, and all of the novellas that make up The Assassin’s Blade. The only books by her that I haven’t read are Queen of Shadows and Empire of Storms, and I own both of them, so I hope to read them in 2017, and I am still very pleased with the amount of books I did read by her.

But yeah, that was everything I accomplished in 2016! What are some things you accomplished in 2016? Comment down below! And that is going to be it for this post today. Thank you all so much for reading this, I hope you enjoyed it, and I will see you next time!



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