Most Anticipated Releases | Winter 2017

Hey, guys! I am so excited to talk about the releases coming out this Winter. I was originally just going to do a post with all of my most anticipated releases of this year, but then I realized there were way too many for one post. It would be way too long. So I am going to be doing these seasonally. But as it turns out all of my releases that I am anticipating this Winter are actually January releases and there are still quite a few of them, so let’s just go ahead and get into it!

The first book I have been anticipating reading for forever is Wayfarer by Alexandra Bracken and this came out on January 3.


I am actually currently reading this novel (its fabulous and its wrecking me, but I love it; Review coming your way soonish!). Its the final book in the Passenger duology, so I can’t really talk about it. But know this series involves time travel, music, diversity (so much diversity! I love it!), an interracial relationship, captivating writing, a kickass storyline and cast of characters, and an amazing world. Its epic and I highly recommend it. This book picks up right where Passenger left off, and its so good, so you should read it. Wayfarer is such a step up from Passenger, and that one was pretty epic, so this should definitely be on your TBR.

The next book I have been dying to get my hands on is Windwitch by Susan Dennard, and this came out on January 10.


This is the second book in the Witchlands series, and I have been anticipating this one for quite a while. I read Truthwitch in February of last year, and it opened my eyes to how epic High Fantasy is. It made me fall in love with High Fantasy because the world is so gorgeously written and I just really enjoyed the characters and the kickass storyline, and I know this one will be all those things and more. This story follows two best friends who are just trying to survive, Iseult and Safiya, but Safiya has to hide her witchery because she is the first Truthwitch in a long time to come about and that is something that politicians and leaders want because it will help them. And they will do anything to get their hands on her. And this story is just a story of friendship, above anything else, magic, and love (but mostly friendship). I love it so so much and I highly recommend it because this next book is going to be fabulous, and I am so excited to get my hands on it!

The next book I am anticipating is Roseblood by A. G. Howard and this comes out on January 10 as well.


This is a modern retelling of Phantom of the Opera, and that’s literally all I needed to know. I’m sold. I need this book. I am a fan of Phantom of the Opera due to my best friend being obsessed with it, and even though I haven’t read the original work, I do still love it, and I have read more Phantom of the Opera fanfiction than I care to admit. But this book has been getting nothing but fantastic reviews, so I am so excited to read it. Also, this cover is freaking gorgeous. And I just need this in my life! Super excited about this one.

The next book I need to read (need to buy, need to read, need to have this in my life) is A List of Cages by Robin Roe, and this also came out on January 10. Seems that day is a busy one for the book community…


This is a book that I knew I was interested in because Emma of Emmmabooks on YouTube talked about how much she liked it. And then I watched her spoiler-free review, and now I just feel like its a book I need to read. It follows a boy named Adam Blake who is an aide to the school psychologist and he has ADHD. He is asked to track down a freshman who has been avoiding the psychologist and it turns out that boy was his foster brother that he hasn’t seen in five years, Julian. But as they reunite, Adam notices that Julian is keeping secrets, especially about his home situation and Adam is determined to help him. It sounds like a super powerful story, and I am so excited to read it, and see why Emma has been raving about it so much!

This next book I have been anticipating since like ever and I am so excited for its release. That book is Myths of Immortality by Raye Wagner, and this book comes out January 12.


This is a book that you all should know about because I haven’t been able to shut up about it, but this is the third book in the Sphinx series, and I am working with the author on this post, so I have been reading an e-arc of this, and I am loving it. I have taken a break from it, but my review will be up either by Friday or Monday. I am hoping to finish it before the end of the week, but I am also reading Wayfarer and have been distracted by that, so who knows what will happen. But anyway, this is a series that follows a girl named Hope who is the Sphinx (duh) and she just wants to get rid of the curse that is placed on her (which you learn about in Book 1, The Curse of the Sphinx), so she can be free to love who she wants. This is an epic tale of love, Greek gods, and one girl’s desire for free will. Its got a cast of badass characters with a kickass story line that will just leave you wanting more. Its so good, and I am so excited to see where the rest of this series will go with this book.

And the last book I am anticipating in Winter of 2017 is History is All You Left Me by Adam Silvera and this book comes out on January 17.


This is a book that everyone has been talking about, and I actually haven’t read a book by Adam Silvera (though I do really like him; I’ve seen him all over Twitter and YouTube and he seems like a really sweet person), so I figured I could start with his new book. This is a book that follows Griffin, a boy who’s first love and ex-boyfriend, Theo, dies in a car accident, completely devastating him. Theo had been seeing a boy in California named Jackson, and even though they were together, Griffin had always imagined Theo would come back to him, but now that can’t ever happen. So Griffin goes to Jackson, the only person who truly knows what he is going through, but even though they do open up to each other quite a bit, Griffin continues down this downward spiral of destructive choices, and he starts to lose himself. This sounds like quite a dark story, quite an emotional one, and I am so excited to read it!

And there you have it! Those were my most anticipated releases of Winter 2017. Whats your most anticipated release of 2017? Comment down below! And that is going to be it for this post today. Thank you so much for reading this, I hope you enjoyed it, and I will see you next time.


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