February Wrap Up!

Hey, guys! I cannot believe we are already done with February. It feels like the month just started! But I ended up having a pretty rocking fantastic reading month. I read twelve books this month, and I managed (for the first time ever) to actually read every single book that was on my TBR list for the month! I enjoyed all of these books, and I am really excited to talk about them, so let’s just jump right into the wrap up!

The first book I read this month was Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella.


This is a standalone contemporary story that follows a fourteen year old girl named Audrey who is suffering from a severe anxiety disorder and she is trying to cope with that while also learning to be around people, and one person who helps her do that is Linus, a friend of her brother’s who gets close to her and they end up forming a relationship. I actually audiobooked this, and it was a great audiobook. The narrators really helped capture the essence of this book and the characters and story line. Something that I loved about this book was it was told in a humorous way. I just kept laughing out loud while listening to it. It seemed very light-hearted and very realistic, and I ended up really enjoying it. I gave it 4.5/5 stars, and I also reviewed it, so feel free to check that out.

The next book I read was Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover.


This is another standalone contemporary novel that features two people who are having a no-strings attached physical sort of relationship (I would say friends with benefits, but they aren’t friends). Miles is a pilot, and Tate is a nurse, but her brother is a pilot and is also friends with Miles. For this little arrangement, Miles has only two rules: Don’t ask about his past and don’t expect a future. This book was absolutely fantastic. I loved every minute of it (even the really painful, emotional ones). This book gave me all the feels, and while this was my first Colleen Hoover novel, it definitely will not be the last. I gave this 5/5 stars, and I posted a review of this one as well, if you are curious in knowing more about my thoughts on this novel.

The next book I read was Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff.


This is the first book in the Illuminae Files series, and this was actually a reread for me. I listened to it via audiobook, and it was fantastic. This is a series that is told through transcripts and emails and IMs, and it is just so fantabulous. The audiobook actually took me more time to get through than I had anticipated, but I still really enjoyed it. I loved how freaking creepy this audiobook was. I was trying to fall asleep and all of a sudden I heard this really creepy voice say, “Where are you, little birdie?” and I was freaked out. Highly recommend the audiobook because they had tons of voice actors and sound effects, and it was so good. It also helped me to remember what actually happened because I obviously forgot a lot of it. But I did enjoy the audiobook, and I ended up giving it 4.5/5 stars.

The next book I read was Now I Know It’s Not My Fault by Laurie B. Levine.


This is a book that was sent to me by the author, and the premise of it sounded so interesting, which is why I was so excited to read it. To give you some perspective, this book is centered around a teenage girl named Alexandra Geller who is having trouble at home, so she’s vulnerable and her science teacher, Paula, senses this vulnerability. She latches onto it and “befriends” Alex, leading her to believe it is a “mother-daughter” relationship when in reality, it soon becomes a student-teacher trauma bond that causes relationships in her life to crack under the pressure of that bond. It sounded so promising and so captivating, but unfortunately this one fell flat for me. While I really enjoyed the story line and the premise, I had major problems with the writing. I am fairly certain the book was not edited hardly at all. Because of that, I ended up only giving it 3.5/5 stars. If you are interested in all of my thoughts, opinions, and feels on this novel, I did do a review, so feel free to check that out.

The next book I read was The Wide Window by Lemony Snicket.


This is the third book in the A Series of Unfortunate Events series, and I really, really enjoyed this one. This is a series that surrounds the three Baudelaire children (Klaus, Sunny and Violet) who are experiencing the deaths of their parents and have been shipped off to a few “relatives” houses, the first of which was Count Olaf, a horrible man who wants their family fortune and is willing to do anything to get it. This series is actually pretty depressing, but also very action-packed and really, really good. This one in particular is probably my favorite thus far because we really got to see the children quarreling and willing to do anything for those they loved, and like always, they manage to outsmart the adults *cough cough* Mr. Poe *cough cough* who apparently are blind because they can’t ever tell who Count Olaf is when his disguises are so bad. But anyway, I really enjoyed this, and I ended up giving it a 4.5/5 stars. I also did a review of it, if you are interested in checking that out.

The next book I read was Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon.


This is a standalone contemporary novel that follows a girl named Madeline who hasn’t been outside in eighteen years because she is allergic to the outside world. And then one day a family moves in next door, and they have a son named Olly who quickly becomes intrigued by Madeline. Sparks fly, forbidden love happens, and it was just amazing. I read this in one sitting, the day the movie trailer came out (if you haven’t read the book, do not watch the trailer. It spoils a lot of the book!), and it was just fantastic. I loved the characters, the story line, and just everything, everything about it. (Not even sorry…) I highly recommend checking this book out because it was a good one. I ended up giving it 5/5 stars, and I also reviewed it, so you should check that out.

The next book I read was My Lady Jane by Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton, and Jodi Meadows.


This is the first book in a fantasy series that is actually a series of historical fiction parodies. The writers took the story of Lady Jane Grey (a woman who was Queen of England for nine days before she was beheaded by Mary I, who we now dub as Bloody Mary, and they revised it, added some parts, took out some parts of the story, changed events around, and they added magic. This story was absolutely fabulous and hilarious, and I loved it. It was very light-hearted, but it was also action-packed and thrilling. I loved Jane because she loved books, and I loved the magic system as well. I love the love story, the writing, the characters, and just everything about it. It was so great! I ended up giving it 4.5/5 stars, and my review will be up soon.

The next book that I read was Rebel Spring by Morgan Rhodes.


This is the second book in the fabulous Falling Kingdoms series, and I am so happy I finally pushed myself to read the next book because I read all four hundred pages of it in a day. I completely devoured this book. Reading it just reminded me why I fell in love with the characters, the world, and the story line. Since this is the second book in the series, I can’t tell you very much about it, but know that this is a high fantasy series with war and bloodshed and magic. Its fantastic. I don’t know if this tops Falling Kingdoms for me, but it was definitely a great sequel, and I am so excited to read the next book! I gave this book 4.5/5 stars, and my review will be up soon.

The next book I read was A List of Cages by Robin Roe.


This is a book that is centered around mental health, abuse, and trauma.This story follows a boy named Adam Blake who is an aide to the school psychologist and he has ADHD. He is asked to track down a freshman who has been avoiding the psychologist and it turns out that boy was his foster brother that he hasn’t seen in five years, Julian. But as they reunite, Adam notices that Julian is keeping secrets, especially about his home situation and Adam is determined to help him. Its told in dual points of view, Adam’s and Julian’s, and I freaking loved it. It was such a powerful story. It brought me to tears multiple times, and I think this is a book that everyone needs to read because it is so important. The trauma expressed in this novel is so realistic that at times, I flinched while reading it. I loved the writing, the story line, and the characters, and it was so, so good. I gave this 5/5 stars, and my review will be up soon.

The next book I read was The Fellowship of the Ring by J. R. R. Tolkien.


This is the first book in The Lord of the Rings trilogy, and I really enjoyed it. I did audiobook this, which I definitely think is the way to go, and that was definitely my favorite aspect of it because the audiobook actually cut out all the “he said this, he did this” and all that language and you could actually hear what they were doing. It was pretty much like a movie without the visual aspect, and I loved it. I loved learning about what happened to Bilbo Baggins after The Hobbit and how we were now following his nephew. I loved revisiting old story lines, old characters, and just learning more about the world and the ring. It was action-packed and thrilling, and I really enjoyed it. I ended up giving it 4/5 stars, and my review will be up soon.

The next book that I read was History Is All You Left Me by Adam Silvera.


This is a contemporary novel that really deals with some pretty serious topics, and I think everyone should read this. This novel follows Griffin, a boy who’s first love and ex-boyfriend, Theo, dies, completely devastating him. Theo had been seeing a boy in California named Jackson, and even though they were together, Griffin had always imagined Theo would come back to him, that they would be endgame. But now that can’t ever happen. So Griffin goes to Jackson, the only person who truly knows what he is going through, but even though they do open up to each other quite a bit, Griffin continues down this downward spiral of destructive choices, and he starts to lose himself.  This novel deals with topics on mental health, loss, grief, discovering oneself and so many more! This is a really important novel not only because of these topics, but because it also displays something teenagers in our society need to see today. They need to see a positive portrayal of coming out to your parents, as all three main characters are gay. It seems that the majority of the YA novels we read that feature gay characters have a negative experience with coming out, and it was really refreshing to see such a positive experience reflected in this novel. I really enjoyed the writing, the story line, the characteres, and just everything about it. I am so glad I decided to pick it up. I ended up giving it 4.5/5 stars, and my review will be up soon!

And the last book that I read in the month of February was The Sun Is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon.


This is a standalone contemporary novel that I picked up because I wanted to read everything that Nicola Yoon has written, and I loved it. This novel covers so many different topics like immigration, religion, family, fate, destiny, and so many more, but what I loved was it was very subtle in these topics, and I absolutely loved the portrayal of them. In this novel, we follow two characters from two different backgrounds, Natasha, who is a Jamaican illegal immigrant, and Daniel, a Korean-American who is a hopeless romantic who is a strong believer in fate and destiny. These two characters’ worlds collide one day in New York City, and stuff goes down that I can’t talk about, but it was fantastic. Nicola Yoon pretty much took the ideas of instalove and love at first sight and made them into a real, believable, realistic love story. There were times when I was reading it that I forgot that they had only met that morning, but I loved every second of them being together, and this is another one of my all time favorite contemporaries now. I ended up giving this 5/5 stars, and my review will be up soon!

And there you have it! That was my February Wrap Up! What was your favorite book that you read this month? Comment down below! And that is going to be it for this post today. Thank you so much for reading this, I hope you enjoyed it, and I will see you next time.


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