The Whitechapel Fiend by Cassandra Clare & Sarah Rees Brennan | REVIEW & DISCUSSION

Hey, guys! So I finally read another novella in the Tales From the Shadowhunter Academy series! This is like a real accomplishment for me. I haven’t read another novella in probably six months…But this means I am one step closer to finally being able to read Lord of Shadows! Fingers crossed I can finish all of these very soon. I have around seven more to go. But this novella is definitely my favorite of the novellas that I’ve read so far, and that is definitely because of the characters we see in it, but no spoilers. Just know I really enjoyed it, and I am really excited to read the next installment to this novella series! Now this review will contain spoilers, so if you don’t want to be spoiled, then I suggest you leave, read it, and then come back and we can discuss it together! So goodbye, Nonspoiler People!

All right. Now let’s get into the review!

***Warning: This review contains spoilers. If you wish to not know what goes on throughout this book, don’t read any part of this review.***


“Simon learns the truth behind the Jack the Ripper murders—“Jack” was stopped by Will Herondale, his former parabatai, and his institute of Victorian Shadowhunters.”


This started out pretty slow, but then it actually got really interesting. I didn’t really care about the tree exercise in the beginning of the novella, but I loved seeing Jace. He is still sassy and sarcastic, and I love him so much. But what really made me excited was seeing Tessa again. And she told this really interesting story about Jack the Ripper. As we all know, he was a serial killer who was decently active in the late eighteen hundreds in London, England. He targeted prostitutes, cut them up, you know. The works. But Tessa told us about how that is the mundane version of history while the true story involves the Shadow World.

As it turns out, no one could identify the “man” who was killing the working girls because the “man” was actually a Demon who could change its appearance. So they tried going undercover for a bit with Tessa and Cecily being glamoured as prostitutes, but that didn’t really work. So they went home after another night of finding nothing and they find Bridget, who was watching all of the children, unconscious. They soon piece together that the Demon they had been hunting followed them home and hid the children.

Because the Demon is very child-like and loves to play games, the ghost of Jessamine Lovelace (who resides in the house), convinces it to come play with her dollhouse in her room. So they go in there and she gets it to admit the children are in the walls, which means the chimneys. So they retrieve all of the children and Jessamine tricks the Demon into playing a different game: hide and go seek. The Demon is to seek first so when it closes its eyes, Will kills it with his seraph blade. And thus ends the true story of Jack the Ripper and why he did go dormant for so many years and never killed again. Why he never was caught. They ended the string of killings.

After dinner and everything, Simon and George head down to their room where Jace is waiting. He desires to speak with Simon alone, so George goes in the room and shuts the door. Simon had earlier told Jace to talk to Tessa about his family, so he did, and he learned some things he didn’t know before about his family. Simon tells him that he owes him, so he goes in his room and writes a letter to Isabelle, giving it to Jace to deliver to Isabelle. So he gives it to Jace and that is essentially the end of this novella.

My Thoughts:

I thought this started out as being pretty slow and boring, but quickly became super interesting. I really enjoyed the story line with Jack the Ripper actually being a demon, and it was so amazing that we got to see almost all of the characters from The Infernal Devices be in this novella. I have missed them all so much, and I just loved seeing them again. And Will and Tessa were my everything. They were so freaking cute, and I loved seeing Will with the kids, and just…my emotions were all over the place. I mean, we got to see Jem and Cecily and Gabriel and Bridget and Jessamine, and it just warms my heart.

And Jace! I loved seeing my favorite sassy Herondale in the story! He is still as sexy and cocky as ever, and still so in love with Clary. And he still gives Simon crap and picks on him, and it just reminded me how much I miss his character. And it made me really happy to see Simon actually does care about Isabelle, and he is trying to make himself worthy of her. I just would give anything to see her reaction to reading that letter…

But I thought the whole story line was super compelling and interesting and I loved it so much. I loved the writing and the way this novella was told. It ended up really capturing my attention, and I think this was a solid installment to this novella series. Really looking forward to reading the next one!


And there you have it! That was my review of the third book in the Tales From the Shadowhunter Academy series! What is your favorite Cassandra Clare book? Comment down below! I would love to know. And that is going to be it for this post today. Thank you all so much for reading this, I hope you enjoyed it, and I will see you next time!


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