June Book Haul

Hey, guys! I am super excited to talk about the books I bought/received in the month of June! Now I was on a book-buying ban, but you know me. As soon as I get enough cash to buy a book, I immediately run to the bookstore. But I actually only ended up buying two of the seven books, so I didn’t go crazy. I am on another book-buying ban, though…But let’s go ahead and get into the book haul!

The first book I bought this month was Definitions of Indefinable Things by Whitney Taylor.


This is a standalone contemporary novel that follows two depressed teens who end up meeting while getting prescriptions for their antidepressants. This is a love story, but from what I’ve heard, it is not the sort of novel where love cures you of depression or any other mental illness, which has me really excited to read this. In addition to this, I believe this novel is different from other novels about depression because our main character, Reggie, doesn’t have a trigger. There was no trauma or abuse or anything like that growing up, which mirrors my experience with depression, so I definitely feel that I will connect with the story and the characters a lot, so I am just really excited to get to this one.

The last book I bought was Ninth Grade Slays by Heather Brewe.


This is the second book in The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod series, and I actually don’t have the first book, but this book was marked down to a quarter at a local bargain store, so I just bought it. All I know about the series is it involves some aspect of vampirism. I know a lot of people really enjoy this series, and I’ve been meaning to read it for like ever. So maybe having the second book will give me incentive to buy the first book and start reading this series. But I am really excited to maybe one day in the near future read this.

The first book I received was Train Wreck by Elise Faber.


This was sent to me for review by the author, so thank you so much for sending this to me! This is a standalone adult contemporary romance novel that I actually have already read and reviewed, and it was absolutely fabulous. I didn’t really know much of anything regarding this novel going into it, and I definitely think that’s the way to go. But this book gave me all of the feels, and I cried several times while reading this. It just was so good, and I am so happy that Elise sent this to me because I loved it. This book was released on May 31 of this year, so I definitely recommend you pick it up!

The next book I received was Fates and Furies by Raye Wagner.


This was sent to me by the author, so thank you so much, Raye, and I am so freaking excited to read this. This is the fourth and final book in Raye’s fantabulous Sphinx series, and I am so hyped for this novel. You all should know by now how completely obsessed I am with this series, and I am so excited that I get another opportunity to work with Raye Wagner because she is like the sweetest person ever. But this series has greek mythology, kickass characters, amazing plot lines, and just general badassery. This is one of my all time favorite series, and if you haven’t picked this up yet, what are you doing with your life? You have got to read this series! But I am super excited to see how this series wraps up in the final installment! I am sure it will give me all the feels and it will be epic an everything I want, so I am so down for this novel.

The next book I received was The Wildling Sisters by Eve Chase.


This book was sent to my for review by G. P. Putnam’s Sons, so thank you so much for sending this book my way! This book is scheduled to be released on July 25, so definitely keep your eye out for it! From what I can tell, this book follows four very close sisters in 1959 who are spending the summer at Applecote Manor, a place they haven’t returned to in over five years, not since their sister, Audrey, vanished. They begin to discover the dark secrets of the Manor and end up starting to drift apart until one explosive night when they form a powerful bond that is much thicker than blood. This book sounds so interesting! It seems like it will be a bit of a mystery and definitely a thriller, so I am very excited to get to this very soon!

The next book I received was Top Ten Clues You’re Clueless by Liz Czukas.


This is a YA contemporary novel that follows a girl named Chloe who is having a pretty terrible time at the moment because everything is going wrong. From crashing a cart into a customer’s car right in front of one of her not-so-nice coworkers to being caught in a snowstorm that has ruined her hair and the way she looks, resulting in absolutely zero progress with her crush and coworker, Tyson. And to top it all off, she is being accused (along with the other teenage employees) of stealing $10,000. So this follows her dealing with all of this and trying to prove her innocence in stealing the money. I received this from Rachel @ Life of a Female Bibliophile who hosted the Fun In the Sun giveaway, and I won the YA box! So thank you so much, Rachel, for hosting the giveaway and sending this my way!

And the last book I received in the month of June was Charm & Strange by Stephanie Kuehn.


I really can’t tell you much of anything regarding this novel, to be honest. I’ve never heard of it, the synopsis is really confusing, and from the couple of reviews I read, you will spend the entirety of this novel wondering what the hell is going on. I do know that this is a psychological mystery novel with apparently a very explosive ending, so if one has patience, the ending makes all of the frustration and confusion of the rest of the novel worthwhile. I can tell you that this was the second book I received from the Fun in the Sun giveaway hosted by Rachel @ Life of a Female Bibliophile, and I am apprehensive, but still very excited to get into this!

And there you have it! That was my June Book Haul. What is your favorite psychological thriller that you have read? Comment down below! I would love to know. And that is going to be it for this post today. Thank you all so much for reading this, I hope you enjoyed it, and I will see you next time!



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