June Wrap Up!

Hey, guys! It is that time again. Time for an extremely overdue monthly wrap up! I am sorry for the brief hiatus I had. I was dealing with some University problems, and I just lost track of the amount of days it had been between the last time I posted and now. I enjoyed most of the books I read in June, and I definitely read more than I expected to. I read three books that month, and that is pretty decent considering I am going through a reading slump right now. And because of that reading slump, I am currently eight books behind schedule on my 2017 Goodreads Reading Goal, which is to read seventy books by the end of the year. Hopefully I can kick this reading slump before the end of the summer, but who knows. Its a toss up right now. But let’s go ahead and get into the books I read in June!

The first book I read in June was Train Wreck by Elise Faber.


This is a standalone adult contemporary romance novel that I was sent for review by the author, so thank you so much for sending this my way, Elise! This is a book that I absolutely loved and read in one sitting. This novel is one that I think you should go blindly into. That’s what I did, and it surprised me with how much I ended up loving it. Just know it is gripping and very addictive, despite the super cheesy cover. But I did review this, and I ended up giving it 5/5 stars. It was just a really amazing novel, and I highly recommend you check it out!

The next book I read was Blood Rose Rebellion by Rosalyn Eves.


Yeah, that’s right. I finally finished it, and I am really sad to say the blood, sweat and tears that I went through to force myself to finish the book were not worth it. I ended up being really disappointed by this book, and you could arguably say this only made my reading slump so much worse. But this is the first book in a fantasy trilogy that follows this girl named Anna Arden who lives in a magical society where magic equates your status, and she is born of a family with magic, yet she doesn’t seem to possess any herself. However, she does have this ability to unravel or break spells, and this catches the eye of a few too many people, so her mother sends her away to live with her grandmother in Hungary where she may find herself in the throes of war and rebellion. While that may sound very intriguing, I did not like this book, like at all. I had problems with the writing, the story line (or the lack of a concrete one), the so-called romance in the novel, and the magic system. I just was really disappointed by this one because I thought I was going to like it, and I did not. If you are interested in my full thoughts on this novel, I did review it, but I ended up giving it 3/5 stars.

And the last book I read in June was Ignite Me by Tahereh Mafi.


I am so proud of myself, guys. I finally did it. I finally finished off the Shatter Me trilogy! But if you are somehow unaware of what this series is about, it is a dystopian series that follows our main character Juliette whose touch literally will kill you. That is all I can tell you. But I flew through the last half of this novel in one sitting because I was loving every single second of this novel. This is hands down my favorite book of the trilogy, and it was the best one, especially in writing, in my opinion. I think Tahereh’s writing grew a lot with this novel. But I did review this, and it is mostly about me gushing about the novel, but if you want to read my full thoughts on this finale, I definitely recommend checking that review out. I gave this novel 5/5 stars.

And there you have it! Those were all the books I read in June. What books are you most interested in reading before the end of summer? Comment down below! I would love to know. And that is going to be it for this post today. Thank you all so much for reading this, I hope you enjoyed this, and I will see you next time!


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      1. I’m currently reading History Is All You Left Me and then I’m hoping to have that dine today and Labryinth Lost started and finished by Sunday. They’re library books and I always prioritize library books.

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