August Wrap Up!

Hey, guys! I am very excited to get into the books that I read in August! I did not read as much as I did last month, sadly, but I am still pretty satisfied with the amount I did read, considering how busy I ended up being this month. From moving into my new apartment to starting classes, I just had a lot on my plate. I actually think I ended up doing pretty decent, even if a lot of the books that I did read were re-reads for me. But I did end up reading eight books this month, which I am so very excited about, so let’s just go ahead and jump right in!

The first book that I read this month was Fashionably Dead by Robyn Peterman.


This is the first book in the Hot Damned series, and this was a book that I reread. For years, this was my all time favorite paranormal romance book, and upon rereading this, I actually have changed my opinion on it drastically. The last time I read it and really analyzed it (even then, I did not look very much into it because that was pre-reviewing) was when I originally read it back in the beginning of high school. After analyzing it and really reading it, I actually ended up having a lot of issues with it. I was not a huge fan of the actual story line, and I ended up having problems with the romance among other things. I did review this, and I gave it 3.5/5 stars.

The next book I read was Astonishing X-Men #1 by Joss Whedon.


This is the first issue in the comic book series Astonishing X-Men, and I ended up really enjoying this. I did at first think I would not end up enjoying it because I thought some of the characters seemed like they were acting weird, but ultimately, I felt that the dialogue was great, the characters were acting on point, and I did really enjoy this, even if I did still have a few problems with the simplistic art style. I am definitely continuing on with the series, and I also wrote a review for it. I gave this 4/5 stars.

The next book I read was Onyx by Jennifer L. Armentrout.


This is the second book in the Lux series, and this was another reread for me. This is one of my all time favorite series, so of course, I loved this just like I did the first time I read it. This series is just like a guilty pleasure for me because it is pretty much like Twilight fanfiction, but it doesn’t really bother me. It actually is really fun! But this second book was just as amazing as the first time I read it It is still one of my favorite books in the series. There is so much sexual tension and just Katy and Daemon and aliens and holy God, it is so good. I can never get enough of it! I actually did not write a review for this one, but I did end up reviewing the rest of the series, oddly enough. But I, of course, gave this 5/5 stars.

The next book I read was Opal by Jennifer L. Armentrout.


This is the third book in the Lux series, and I am begging you not to judge it by the romance novel cover because it is really fabulous. But this book is one of my least favorite of the series, not because it’s bad or anything. I just was not a huge fan of the overall story line. This book was an emotional one for me, however. I sobbed while reading this. It really hits you. But I did enjoy seeing Katy and Daemon together and not trying to kill each other. They are literally my OTP. But I did review this, and I gave it 4/5 stars.

The next book I read was Origin by Jennifer L. Armentrout.


This is the fourth book in the Lux series, and it is actually my favorite book of the series. Origin is the book that has all of the super emotional scenes along with the kickass fighting sequences and sexy, all-consuming romance. It has everything I love about the series in one book, and I just absolutely love it. I honestly can’t say I have any problems with this book at all, and it is worth it to read the entire series because A. It’s fantastic and 2. Because this book is fantabulous. But I did also review this, as per the usual, so if you want to hear more of my gushing thoughts, I suggest you check that out. I ended up giving this 5/5 stars, of course.

The next book I read was Opposition by Jennifer L. Armentrout.


This is the fifth and final book in the Lux series, and I did really enjoy this, even with it being the millionth time that I have read it. Basically, if I am bored, I end up rereading this book. I would say this is another one of my least favorite books of the series just because this book didn’t really grab my emotions like the others, even if I actually was a huge fan of the plot line. I’m all up for apocalyptic endings. It was still fantastic, but I was, unfortunately, missing that emotional tie that the rest of the series had, but I did still really enjoy this, so I gave it 4.5/5 stars. My review is also up.

The next book I read was Ms. Marvel: No Normal  by G. Willow Wilson.


This is the first volume in the Ms. Marvel series, and I really wish I could say I absolutely loved this, and it was the best thing ever. But, unfortunately, this one was a really big disappointment for me personally. I had heard such amazing things about the series, and it had some diverse Pakistani-American rep, so I was really excited to read it. But it just did not end up being my thing. I don’t know if it was the age of our main character, my dislike or aversion to the art style or what, but something just made it to where I could not enjoy this story. I found all of the characters to be quite one-dimensional, I wasn’t a fan of the story line, I did not like the artwork, and I just felt that the writing was not as great as it could have been. Ultimately, I did write a review for this, which is posted with my full thoughts, but I ended up giving this 3/5 stars. It just was not my cup of tea.

And the final book I read this month was Saga Vol. 1 by Brian K. Vaughan.


This is the first volume in the Saga series, and man am I excited to get more into this series. I freaking loved this first volume. This is definitely my favorite graphic novel that I’ve read thus far, and it is definitely my current favorite series. I just loved everything about it, from the family dynamic to the intricate world and the dialogue and humor and love displayed in this novel along with the amazing artwork and the kickass storyline and characters. I just loved everything about this graphic novel, and I am so freaking pumped to read the rest of the series. I wrote a gushing review, and I obviously gave this 5/5 stars. This was absolutely bloody fantastic!

And there you have it! Those were the eight books I read in the month of August. What is your favorite book that you read this month? Sound off in the comments below! And that is going to be it for this post today. Thank you all so much for reading this, I hope you enjoyed it, and I will see you next time!


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