ANNOUNCEMENT: I Made a Booktube Channel!

Hey, guys! I am very excited to announce that I have finally made a Booktube channel! I had been wanting to do this for years, so I finally decided to do it! This announcement post really should have been up a whole lot sooner, but I just have never gotten around to it. So here we are. I have really been having a lot of fun just filming and uploading videos. If you want the link, here it is! But let’s go ahead and talk about everything to do with my new Booktube Channel!

I just want to go ahead and say that just because I have a Booktube channel, does not mean I will not still be posting on here. I love my blog, I love you guys, and it would feel like giving a part of myself up if I were to quit blogging. I love talking about books with you guys, and I know I do not say it often, but you all mean the world to me. The fact that you would take the time out of your day to read my posts just really means a lot to me. But basically, I have noticed that sometimes it is just easier to make a video of a certain book tag, for example, versus a blog post, in my opinion. So that will mostly be what is going up on my channel.

Now I will definitely still be posting all of my book reviews to my blog because I am just much more comfortable posting them on here. I am still trying to be completely comfortable in front of the camera, and I am just not to the point where I think my book reviews would be well done if I were to make a video review. I will be posting my TBRs and Wrap Ups both on my blog and my youtube channel, but most of my book hauls will end up on my channel.

I started this channel in September, and I have really enjoyed making these videos, so I hope you enjoy them as well! But that is going to be it for this announcement post today, so thank you all so much for reading this, I hope you enjoyed it, and I will see you next time!


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