Hey, guys! So, I don’t know if I will end up keeping this as a monthly feature on my blog, but I have been super into music this month, so I figured we could just discuss all the music I have been listening to! There will probably be links to my Twitter for a couple of them because if I listen to an album all the way through, I sometimes like to live-tweet it. But I just have so much to discuss, so let’s get into it!


I, of course, have to talk about Taylor Swift’s new album because HECK YES.


How could I not talk about this? I’m not sure what the general consensus for people around the world is for this album, but my consensus is that she is my fucking queen, and I love her. I have been a Swiftie since I was like ten years old, and I will always be a Swiftie. Does that mean I love every single thing she does? No, she’s not perfect and nobody is so haters can just fuck off, okay? Thanks. Anyway, I basically loved every single song on this album. My favorite is This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things because its super catchy and bitchy and I just love it. This album was not all about Kanye, contrary to popular belief. Almost the entire album is about her current boyfriend Joe actually. Basically, she’s in love with him, they are super cute, and I really hope it works out for them because they are so cute together. But overall, I am fucking trash for this album. So go do yourself a favor and buy a copy of this baby because it is so damn worth it!

We need to talk about The Greatest Showman Soundtrack.


This is obviously for one of the *greatest* movies I’ve ever seen (no shame…), and listening to this soundtrack just fills me with so much joy. There was a two-week span where I literally listened to this and one other album on repeat and just switched between the albums every now and then. Listening to this soundtrack just makes me happy, and you can’t really understand until you’ve seen the movie, but the combination of the movie and this music just makes me happy and it gets me pumped, and I really connected with these songs, especially This Is Me. It just really makes me happy. That’s all I can say. Its freaking fabulous, and you have got to watch that movie if you haven’t already!

The other album I had on repeat was Camila Cabello’s debut album, and its great.


I originally wasn’t even going to listen to this, to be honest. I think I can be objective because while I do know about the whole thing with her leaving Fifth Harmony, but I never really listened to them anyway, so it didn’t affect me at all. But Rose and Rosie on YouTube are obsessed with this girl, so I wanted to understand why so I decided I would listen to a couple of her songs. I really enjoyed what I heard so I decided I would just listen to this album once through, and then I had it on repeat for three days. This album is so freaking great. She is so honest, so talented, and just a really authentic person and all of that really came through with this album. Every single song is one I loved. So I have been pushing everyone to listen to this because its just so amazing, Camila is amazing, and just everything is amazing. The album just really highlights her relationships and the personal journey she has gone through as well as her Cuban-American background. And I just think its so great, and you have to listen to this!

One of the ones I live-tweeted was Miley Cyrus’s new album Younger Now.


To be honest, I kind of forgot she dropped her album until I saw Ash had done a react video to it (linked here), so I listened to this so I could watch that video, and I fell in love with it. I basically have been waiting for her crazy stage to pass so I haven’t really listened to her albums in years. I think the last one I listened to was Time of Our Lives, and that was released in 2009, so its been a really long time. But I absolutely fell in love with her music all over again with this album. It definitely has a very peaceful vibe in a lot of songs with some country vibes going for it, but as a person who hates country, I still really loved this album. It is just really the story of her journey to figuring out where she is and who she is and just being okay with that, and its just such a beautiful story she paints in this album, and this is just a work of art, and I think everyone should listen to this because it is just absolutely amazing!

I discovered Dua Lipa as well, and I am in freaking love with her voice!


I can’t believe I have been sleeping on her music. She is absolutely phenomenal. There is not a single song on this album that I didn’t like, and even if the lyrics were shit (they aren’t), I would still love every song because her vocals are killer! If you want to know my live reactions, I did live-tweet this so I will link that here, but this was so unexpected for me. I had no expectations going into this album because I had no knowledge of any of the buzz surrounding this album, but her voice was so unexpected because it is so low, but it is so freaking gorgeous. She can literally sing anything. I love this album so freaking much, so you have got to check it out because it is just absolutely fantastic!


My chill and calm go-to song lately has been a country song, oddly enough, and that is Follow Your Arrow by Kacey Musgraves.


This is a song that I came across when I was searching for LGBT anthems because I was making a mix for my girlfriend, and I absolutely fell in love. There is this lyric where she sings, “Make lots of noise/ Kiss lots of boys/ Or kiss lots of girls/ If that’s something you’re into” and I just really love it. This song isn’t just about that, though. Kacey talks about how no matter what you do, you can’t make every single person happy and society is trying to give you this pill to chew up and swallow and that you need to just be you and fuck what everyone else thinks, and I just really appreciate that message. We need to stop caring about whatever the hell society is saying we should be because society is a fucking asshole and we are wonderfully imperfect human beings who should just be ourselves and people can just be okay with that or to hell with them. That’s kind of the attitude I took away from this song, and I just really love it!

I have really been into all of Hayley Kiyoko’s music lately, but I have been obsessed with her song Curious as of late.


This is a song that is going to be on Hayley’s debut album (she has released a ton of EPs which are all on Spotify if you want to check all of her music out), which will be releasing on March 30th of this year, which I am so excited for! (I’ve already preordered the album, and if everything falls right, I am probably going to see her in concert at some point with my girlfriend) But Curious is her most recent single released from the album, and it dropped along with the music video, which is super steamy and sexy, so I will link it here if you want to check it out. I watched the music video, and it is amazing and Hayley is amazing, and I just really love this song and her music because she is gay so I can relate to her music so much! Just do yourself a favor and listen to this girl’s music because damn. She is fucking amazing.

I have also been kind of obsessed with P!nk’s song What About Us.


Now, most people have kind of grown to dislike this song because apparently, the radio plays it over and over, which I totally understand. But I don’t listen to the radio, so the first time I ever heard it was when the bookstore was playing it when I was working, and I absolutely fell in love with it. It just really hit me in the heart. I have so much love for P!nk and her music and this song, and I just really love it. I don’t think there is going to be a time when I don’t love this song because it is just so impactful, and I just have so much love in my heart for this song, and I think I always will!

And there you have it! Those were my favorite music things in January. What is one song/album/artist are really loving right now? Comment down below! I would love to know. And that is going to be it for this post today. Thank you all so much for reading this, I hope you enjoyed it, and I will see you next time!


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