WORST BOOKS | 2018 Edition (Seriously. Don’t read these!)

Hey, guys! I definitely did not think I was going to make this list for this year. I generally am an easy to please reader as long as the writing is pretty decent, the story is well-developed, and I can connect to the characters. There actually are not a lot of books that I don’t like, but these definitely take the cake. There are books that I just do not like and then there are books that I outright hate on this list, so prepare yourself. I am about to rant about some shitty books, so let’s go ahead and jump right in!

4: As He Bids by Olivia Rigal


I really did not like this book, and I don’t recommend that anyone read this ever because it is really bad. I honestly have blocked this book out of my mind because it was so horrible. The writing was really bad, the story was underdeveloped, none of the characters were developed or relatable in any way. I know that I hated the romance in this story because I felt it was really toxic, and I overall did not like this book at all, which is why it is currently left at a 2/5 star rating.

3: Critical Intelligence by Mandy M. Roth


Unfortunately, I actually do remember this one. It was such a let down because its the second book in the Immortal Ops series, and I remember I liked the first book a lot, but this was just really bad. The writing was really great, but my God the romance of this story made me want to punch a wall. The relationship was so freaking toxic and while I enjoyed Roi’s character in the first book, I kind of wanted to stab him in this one because he is a freaking toxic motherfucker. There are scenes where some toxic, domestic violence, rape type shit goes down, and I will never in a million years condone that kind of hegemonic masculinity-esque behavior. I originally had this at 2/5 stars, but it is currently being bumped down to 1/5 stars because it does make me that freaking angry.

2: His For a Week by Em Brown


This actually was one I had mixed feelings on in the beginning until I really started thinking about it, and this book is really freaking problematic and toxic, okay? Just to give you a hint of this book, one of the first things that happens in the book is the black, feminist journalist is told she is this motherfucker’s slave and he starts hitting her when she defies him (he wasn’t the love interest, but it is still really fucking terrible). There definitely needs to be a trigger warning for sexual assault, racism, sexism, and homoeroticism. There was a lot of physical and sexual abuse or coercion in this story, and it was just really barbaric to me, so I just really have a strong hatred for this book, and I gave it 1/5 stars.

1: The Big Sleep by Raymond Chandler


I really hated this book for lots of reasons. One of those reasons is the writing. I could not stand it. There were so many info dumps and it was ridiculous. It kept pulling me out of the story and making me fall asleep. The figurative language that was being used was also pretty weird. The similes and metaphors were awkward and weird, and they did not work for the story. He tried to be clever, and he failed. I also hated all of the characters. They were all really terrible. This was a very misogynistic book when it comes to the women of this book. Women were seen as either crazy, manipulative or after a man’s money, and I just really hated it. Seriously. Do not read this. It’s terrible and will make you hate your life. I gave it 1/5 stars.

And there you have it! Those were all of the books I really did not like in 2018. What is a book that was really disappointing to you? Comment down below! I would love to know. And that is going to be it for this post today. Thank you all so much for reading this, I hope you enjoyed it, and I will see you next time!


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