Fall Time, Cozy Time Book Tag!

Hey, guys! I am super excited because its fall and I am doing a book tag. I have not done one in ages, especially on here. And its Fall (even if Ohio hasn't exactly figured that out yet). Its that time of year where you see me post a million times on here about my … Continue reading Fall Time, Cozy Time Book Tag!

Top Five Fall Reads!

Hey, guys! I am super excited to talk about my favorite books I read during the fall season. The books that fall (pun totally intended) within this time frame are the books I read in September, October and November. In total, I read 22 books, which I am super proud of. I really enjoyed most … Continue reading Top Five Fall Reads!

November TBR

Hey, guys! I can't believe another month has gone by. October flew by like a witch on a broomstick! (Get it? Witch? Halloween? October? I am pathetic...) I had a lot of fun getting back into reading last month and hope to continue the trend this month. But you never know. My first semester of … Continue reading November TBR

October TBR

  Hello! Its finally October! As many people in my dorm at college say, its the start of Halloween! I honestly wouldn't know because I have never celebrated Halloween due to superstitious parents. Nevertheless, I usually try to read one book with horror elements in it. But let's get in the books I plan on … Continue reading October TBR