Hey, guys! I am excited, if a bit apprehensive, to do a review of the classic Witchcraft movie The Craft. I know some people who love it while others hate it, and honestly, I can see both sides. I am sort of in the middle because I think there are some really good aspects of … Continue reading The Craft | MOVIE REVIEW & DISCUSSION

Halloween Reads!

Hey, guys! I am super excited to talk about the books I plan on reading during the month of Halloween because one night is not enough to celebrate my favorite holiday! It is the spooky season, which is my favorite season so it will be full of chilly nights, hot chocolate, horror movies, and--of course--creepy … Continue reading Halloween Reads!

The Forbidden Game by L.J. Smith | SERIES REVIEW & DISCUSSION

Hey, guys! Today I am very excited to talk about one of my all-time favorite trilogies, The Forbidden Game trilogy by L.J. Smith. This is a very creepy series that I read back in high school. I absolutely loved it then and I still am in love with it now. I had been meaning to … Continue reading The Forbidden Game by L.J. Smith | SERIES REVIEW & DISCUSSION

Halloween Book Tag!

Hey, guys! Happy Halloween! So today I figured since it is Halloween, its only fitting that I post a book tag. I saw this post originally on JessetheReader's Youtube channel, so you should totally check that video out. This seemed like a lot of fun and I always love doing holiday-themed book tags. They are … Continue reading Halloween Book Tag!

Dead of Summer TV Review | Episode 10

Hello! I finally got around to watching the season finale of Dead of Summer! A lot of people think this could be the show's one and only season and to be honest, I don't completely disagree. Most of the characters have been killed off and they wrapped up the show, really. I don't think it … Continue reading Dead of Summer TV Review | Episode 10

Dead of Summer TV Review | Episode 9

Hello! Wow, it has been over a month since this show finished off its first (and likely final) season. Many people think they will be canceling the show since most of the characters ended up being killed off. And I still haven't even seen the season finale. I feel the shame, guys. Now before we get … Continue reading Dead of Summer TV Review | Episode 9

October TBR

  Hello! Its finally October! As many people in my dorm at college say, its the start of Halloween! I honestly wouldn't know because I have never celebrated Halloween due to superstitious parents. Nevertheless, I usually try to read one book with horror elements in it. But let's get in the books I plan on … Continue reading October TBR

Dead of Summer TV Review | Episode 8

Hello! Another episode has premiered and it is time to discuss it! Now before we get into the spoilers, you should probably already know what this show is about. Its a horror show on Freeform that is phenomenal. That is pretty much all you need to know. Its set in 1989 and crazy shit goes … Continue reading Dead of Summer TV Review | Episode 8

Book Review: “Carrie” by Stephen King | Spoiler-Free

Hello! So I audiobooked Carrie by Stephen King, it being my first audiobook ever. It was pretty decent, though not the best. But what do I know? It was my first audiobook. But let's go ahead and get into the review. Synopsis: "Carrie knew she should not use the terrifying power she possessed... But one … Continue reading Book Review: “Carrie” by Stephen King | Spoiler-Free

Dead of Summer TV Review | Episode 7

Hello! Another episode of Dead of Summer has premiered and this episode completely blew me away. It was definitely a step up from last week's episode. It was action-packed, creepy, thrilling, and just so good. On my scale, I would give this a 99.5%. It was definitely the best episode so far! If you still aren’t … Continue reading Dead of Summer TV Review | Episode 7