LIFE UPDATE: Finishing My First Year of University! (& the Aftermath)

Hey, guys! So I have finished my first year of University, and I figured its about time that I talk about that because I have just been dragging my feet about actually writing this post. I completed my first year on May 12, and it has been a few weeks, so I think I can … Continue reading LIFE UPDATE: Finishing My First Year of University! (& the Aftermath)

Year In Review | Reflection of 2016

Hey, guys! I am so glad to tell you all that I am happy with what I accomplished last year. While I was anxiously waiting for the year to finally be over, it wasn't a terrible year for me. I actually got a lot more done than I thought I did. I am very happy … Continue reading Year In Review | Reflection of 2016

Favorite TV Shows | 2016 Edition

  Hey, guys! Its that time of year again. I am doing my yearly favorites posts. There were a lot of TV shows that I enjoyed this year, but there were a few that really stood out to me in their epicness, the quality of the acting and cinematography, and the actual writing of the … Continue reading Favorite TV Shows | 2016 Edition

My Favorite Bookish Besties!

Hey, guys! Today is my best friend's nineteenth birthday (her name's Emily, by the way), so to celebrate I thought I would make a post about my favorite bookish friendships! Personally, I always gravitate more towards a book that is centered around friendship than romance. I always love reading books where the friendship is the … Continue reading My Favorite Bookish Besties!

Science-Fiction Recommendations

Hey, guys! One of my favorite genres is Science Fiction and I found it hard to believe I actually hadn't already made this post. So here we are! I love learning about scientific concepts in relation to fiction and how some stories toe the line between Science Fiction and Fantasy. It is just so fascinating … Continue reading Science-Fiction Recommendations