Series I Will Finish in 2017

Hey, guys! Today I thought it would be fun to discuss the series I will be finishing this year. I have to finished these. I've just been putting them off for so long, so its high time I just make the commitment to finish off these series. They are all fantastic series; I just lack … Continue reading Series I Will Finish in 2017

Most Anticipated Releases | Winter 2017

Hey, guys! I am so excited to talk about the releases coming out this Winter. I was originally just going to do a post with all of my most anticipated releases of this year, but then I realized there were way too many for one post. It would be way too long. So I am … Continue reading Most Anticipated Releases | Winter 2017

Worst Books of 2016

Hey, guys! So I originally was not going to do this because I am quite terrified of backlash. But there are some books I definitely was not satisfied with this year, and I think it helps to talk it out, to talk through these books. Now these are just going to be my opinions. Just … Continue reading Worst Books of 2016

Book Review: “Falling Kingdoms” by Morgan Rhodes

Hey, guys! Today I am very excited to come at you with a spoiler review of Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes. This is the first book in the Falling Kingdoms series and I really enjoyed it. I knew next to nothing about it, but I knew many people I knew were raving about this series, … Continue reading Book Review: “Falling Kingdoms” by Morgan Rhodes

Winter Wonderland Book Tag!

Hey, guys! Its that time of year again, the time I do a holiday-themed book tag. I love doing these tags because they are a lot of fun! Also, Christmas is right around the corner and its now the time that it's socially acceptable to listen to All I Want For Christmas Is You by … Continue reading Winter Wonderland Book Tag!

Allie’s Accidental Black Friday Book Haul

Hey, guys! I assume you remember when I told you that I wasn't going to be buying any books in November. And I totally intended to not buy any books this month. But then I went Black Friday shopping with my mom and grandma and I sort of bought ten books (They were on sale, … Continue reading Allie’s Accidental Black Friday Book Haul

Science-Fiction Recommendations

Hey, guys! One of my favorite genres is Science Fiction and I found it hard to believe I actually hadn't already made this post. So here we are! I love learning about scientific concepts in relation to fiction and how some stories toe the line between Science Fiction and Fantasy. It is just so fascinating … Continue reading Science-Fiction Recommendations

Series I Am Ashamed I Haven’t Finished Yet

  So I figured it was high time I actually discuss stuff I really need to read. Like this is ridiculous. I am a book procrastinator on many fronts. I do like to be hipster on a few things, such as Divergent and/or The Hunger Games. But let's get to talking about this because having … Continue reading Series I Am Ashamed I Haven’t Finished Yet