Most Anticipated Releases | Spring 2017

Hey, guys! Happy First Day of Spring! I am very excited to talk about the releases I am most excited for this Spring, and ironically, all of these are being released in May. With that said, there are some releases I left off of here, and I may have not included some releases because I am … Continue reading Most Anticipated Releases | Spring 2017

February Book Haul!

Hey, guys! I really thought I wouldn't buy any books this month, but as you very well know, obviously that didn't happen. When does this ever happen? I have no impulse control whatsoever when it comes to buying books. But I think its okay because these books were all bargain books, and I ended up … Continue reading February Book Haul!

Spring Book Tag!

Hello! I literally could not resist doing this book tag. Especially since summer is on the horizon. I saw this on Life of a Female Bibliophile's blog, so you should definitely check out her blog and post, which I will link here. Let's get to the questions! Question One: What's Your Spring TBR? I want to … Continue reading Spring Book Tag!